A beginner’s guide to Fugaso’s Magnify Man

Fugaso, a famous iGaming developer, has just released an instant win crash game called Magnify Man. The superhero-themed video game features fantastic animations, designs, and graphics. There’s also a great soundtrack that makes you want to keep playing.

You can play Magnify Man on any device such as Android, Windows, and iOS thanks to the provider’s innovation and the use of HTML5 technology. You can play the game smoothly and find a variety of languages, including English, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Magnify Man has an RTP of 96% and is known to be the next big Crash game due to its fun and engaging gameplay.

How to play

The rules of Magnify Man are simple and easy. In the opening sequence, the superhero Magnify Man races across the buildings of New York before taking to the air. The ascent factor increases together with his altitude. The range of the multiplier icon is from 1x to 10,000x.

To win, quickly press the ‘cashout’ button before Magnify Man leaves the screen. You can wager as little as $0.2 or as much as $100. The game also lets you have two active bets at once when playing.

In this game, the maximum payout is 10,000 times the initial wager. For example, if you wager $20 and then hit the multiplier, you can walk away with $200,000. Though the stakes are high, the odds of winning the maximum multiplier in this game can be challenging. 

What to expect from the game

With this exciting game, you will find many factors that will keep you wanting more. Most players enjoy the game for its easy and fun game mechanics, while some enjoy it for its features. Some of the best features that you can expect from the game are: 

Breathtaking view of New York

True to its name, Magnify Man offers a fresh take on the city that never sleeps. The gameplay is innovative and engaging, allowing players to track down a mysterious figure who prowls New York City’s rooftops. At the most unexpected moments, Magnify Man will leap so high into the air that he disappears from sight, all the while providing a stunning view of New York City. 

Magnify Man’s concept is simple but works well for gamers that enjoy games with a distinct style. The game’s mechanic has more than what meets the eye as players are challenged to estimate the hero’s vertical velocity.

Betting options

Magnify Man appeals to both casual players and high rollers due to its various betting options. All gamers will feel safe making the transition to real money because wagers range from €0.20 to €100. One or two bets can be placed at the same time allowing players to choose the best betting strategy for them. 

Players can choose to alter their betting patterns to either chase after larger wins or settle for smaller ones. Once the multiplier has been set, all that’s left to do is keep an eye on the hero and determine when to cash out. If you wait, your winnings could increase, but if the flight stops, you’ll lose everything.

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How to win

The advantage of this Crash game is the availability of different statistics. The game provides data and stats on how many other people are online and playing, your current balance or bets, and the players’ biggest win. The data and stats provided by the game are helpful if you want to make your own strategy to win. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the crash game is a luck-based game and your chances of winning all depend on chance.

If you want to maximize your odds when playing Magnify Man, it’s best to only play at renowned casino sites that offer casino bonuses that can help you boost your wins. If you take advantage of the casino bonuses, you can play more without having to spend more money. 

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