A wide range of stellar massage treatments at your home in London

Swedish Relax and Unwind Massage

A full-body relaxation Mobile massage in London, designed to address stress points and muscle tension in various areas of your body, us at-home Swedish Unwind massage treatment is a nonpareil stress reliever. By using a range of targeted motions, your visiting massage therapist will achieve improved blood circulation in your entire body and the optimal feeling of peace and balance. The calming and, yet, invigorating effect, this massage offers, is gained through targeting specific pain points and reducing stress hormone levels. You’ll feel that you sleep much better, as well, after your Swedish Relax massage treatment.

Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery

This Professional Massage in London treatment is ideal if you have sore muscles or back pain, be it due to your occupation or poor posture, as well as if you have a general loss of body flexibility. Your mobile massage therapist will apply pressure on specific deep muscle groups with the use of their thumbs, knuckles, heel of the hands, and elbows. The treatment improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and reduces knots. At any time, you can advise your therapist to decrease or increase the applied pressure. Also, similarly to the Swedish massage, the deep tissue muscle massage treatment helps break down lactic acid build-up and speeds up the flush-out of toxins.

Thai Acupressure Massage

Your Thai Mobile massage in nd at home will involve the use of targeted deep pressure practices, combined with acupressure yoga stretches. Mixing effectively Eastern massage therapy elements results in relieving overall stress and achieving the ultimate balance between mental, spiritual, and physical health. You will find that sore muscles, stiffness, and tension in body areas are eliminated by focusing on well-known acupressure points that affect your spiritual and emotional wellbeing, as well. This massage treatment is ideal for anyone, who feels the strain of daily life and the need to find mental peace and spiritual equilibrium.

Chair Massage

Stiff neck, aching shoulders, or, a bad back? The part and parcel of office sedentary work. Relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and improve your productivity with our specialist Chair massage, regardless of where you are – at the office or working from home! Your visiting massage therapist will bring a massage chair and work on tense areas of your neck, shoulders, back, and arms. Note that the Chair massage session can be split into several mini treatments that last 5, 10, or 15 minutes, upon request, to accommodate the needs of your whole team during their deserved short breaks, while at work.

Pregnancy Pain Relief

Your visiting massage therapist is certified to give you a soothing, pain-relief massage during your pregnancy (after the first trimester). The treatment uses gentle kneading strokes that are safe for you and your baby. You can be supported in position with extra pillows and rolled-up towels for the ultimate comfort find that muscle cramps, aches, pains are eased, and swellings – are alleviated. The Pregnancy Pain Relief massage also improves circulation, reduces fluid retention, and has a proven calming effect on the nervous system. Furthermore, it stabilizes hormone levels, bringing you mental clarity and improved mood during the day, as well as a good night’s sleep.

Anti-Cellulite Firm and Tone Massage

If you want to significantly reduce the orange-peel look of your skin in certain problematic areas of your body, our Anti-cellulite massage is the dream treatment for you. In just a few regular weekly sessions, you will get noticeable results – firmer, more, toned, and dimples-free skin, and visibly more contoured shape of specific parts of your body. The mobile massage therapist will use special kneading techniques, which improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, production of collagen, as well as the break-down of fat and its absorption. In addition, toxins are flushed out faster, so you feel energized and rejuvenated every time after an Anti-cellulite massage session.

Couples Massage

The ultimate special occasion treatment or romantic experience, our Couples massage option is not to be missed! Choose from our Swedish Relax and Deep Tissue massage treatments, and we’ll assign two specialists to bring you those shared moments of relaxation and pampering (two massage beds and Aroma Works oil, included). Indulge in a soothing massage for two, be it with your special loved one or your best friend in a home environment that can be easily turned into the perfect candle-lit Spa space! After all, a traditional salon can rarely provide massage treatments for two at the same time.

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