Amazon Certifications – Best AWS certifications

Technology has truly changed the entire world. There exist no similarities if we compare how the word used to be 50 years back and how it is today. Technology has changed every component that existed in the world. Starting from day to day life to work in our organization, we are completely dependent on the functioning of Technology. The core motive of Technology was to make human life more efficient even after the reduction of effort. After seeing the present scenario of Technology, we can say that it has duly served its purpose. 

Data storage has been a great concern for a lot of organizations for decades. It has created a lot of functions for organizations to store the data safely, but in early 2000, Technology brought a solution to it.

What are cloud platforms?       

Cloud platforms are considered to be one of the greatest benefits that Technology has provided. Every organization produces a large number of data and information every single day. Every single piece of data produced in the organization is extremely sensitive, and it requires being stored safely. But which a large amount of data being produced in a single day also required a great amount of storage capacity. With the development of technology, the number of Cybercriminal cases also increased. With so many documents being produced in a single day, it also opens the portal for Cybercriminals to attack organizations easily and steal the data. With so many problems affecting the organization, cloud services brought a solution to everything. 

Cloud services provided storage capacity to organizations to store all the data and information. The biggest advantage of the organization’s experience by the usage of cloud services as there was no restriction on the capacity of data. This allowed organizations to store a large number of data without being concerned about storage capacity. Most of the cloud service providers had their own safety agents. This safety agency had a constant check on the network of the cloud service, ensuring that the data stored by organizations are completely safe and secure by Sprintzeal.

Amazon Web services

One of the most functional cloud platforms that came into existence was Amazon Web services. Amazon Web services are the cloud platform that was provided by Amazon two organizations to solve the problem of data storage. Amazon Web services came into existence in the early 2000s, and it has been widely used by a lot of organizations since then. Amazon Web services are considered to be one of the easiest to use cloud platforms for which a lot of companies prefer using AWS instead of other cloud services. Amazon Web services features or noncomplex interface which allows professionals to have a very easy functioning with Amazon Web service. AWS Certification is also considered to be one of the most compatible cloud services that are available in today’s generation. It provides the users with two mobile-friendly versions of professionals to use Amazon Web service and experience equal benefits even with the usage of their cell phone. These mobile versions were well compatible both on android and IOS and were known as AWS Mobile SDK and AWS Mobile hub. Amazon also provided a pay per use payment methodology to organizations which made it is your for companies to keep track of transactions made with Amazon Web services. 

What are the Certification provided by Amazon

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

This certification provided by Amazon Web services is considered to be one of the most fundamental certifications given out to professionals. Amazon Web services cloud practitioner registration with the most fundamental knowledge and skills which are desired by every organization. The training for the certification consists of all the fundamentals about the usage of Amazon Web services. 

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

To Experience all the benefits provided by Amazon Web services, every organization has to design a well-structured system for using AWS. Amazon Web services and solutions architect- associate certification is considered to be the prime certification when it comes to developing the Framework for the usage of Amazon Web services. A candidate with the certification is highly appreciated by all the organizations, as it is essential to develop a fundamental structure for AWS.

3. AWS Certified Security – Specialty

As we know that every organization is extremely concerned about all the data stored in the cloud platform, professional with the Amazon Web service certified security speciality certification is extremely desirable by all the organizations as they have the right knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the organization. 

Professional with the AWS Certification is more likely to get a much higher salary in comparison to professionals who do not have the certification.

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