Best Urban Locality in Nashville

One honestly cannot go wrong with a visit to the vibrant capital of Tennessee. Known for its mouthwatering cuisine and legendary country music scene, Nashville is a perfect city for travelers and locals.

While Nashville is commonly known as a tourist destination, it boasts various neighborhoods for anyone interested in relocating.

Nashville Neighborhoods Guide

The city boasts various neighborhoods for anyone interested in relocating.

Nashville was ranked #11 on U.S. News Best Places to Live, with most young post-graduate individuals and folks with young children living there. No matter your age or status, you may be ready to soon call it home after visiting Nashville!

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Nashville to be on the lookout for in 2020 that make up this incredible city:

The Gulch

The Gulch, located just south of Downtown, is the perfect area for young adults to reside in, mainly consisting of apartments and condos. This neighborhood offers a trendy vibe with an industrial, contemporary style and belongs to Nashville’s “action.”

Moreover, it is also great for those who prefer a walk-able lifestyle, with many restaurants, bars, music venues, and shops nearby. The Gulch boasts a new greenery and a bike path for those wishing to get a little active outdoor time.


One of the oldest areas in Nashville is Germantown. It has some of the city’s best restaurants, such as City House, Germantown Café, and Rolf & Daughters. This place is excellent for small families or young parents, with its less hectic nightlife and selection of tiny homes, townhouses, and duplexes.

This lovely area is also known for its annual Oktoberfest, featuring German beer, live music, and endless fun. Locals here are also known to frequent the nearby Nashville Farmers Market for some fresh produce, local food, and the local state park Bicentennial Capitol Mall.

East Nashville

East Nashville is better known as the city’s most progressive area, having undergone major renovations and changes over the past decade. With its relaxed atmosphere and community, it is a crowd favorite for musicians and artists. The hub prides itself in having some of Nashville’s best businesses, with incredible restaurants and shops.

This neighborhood offers a mix of houses, duplexes, townhouses, and small apartments, making it an ideal location for young people and young families. However, it requires a little bit of a drive to get to other areas of the city, so be aware before settling in this beautiful neighborhood!

Belmont Blvd

Situated next to Belmont University, this gorgeous neighborhood is perfect for families. Belmont Blvd occupies anything from luxurious million dollar homes to more lovely yet affordable quaint houses.

Moreover, it is also a great place to enjoy a bike ride or a stroll, with its mile-long sidewalks and bike lanes.

It is quite common to see parents with their strollers or children on their bikes in this neighborhood. This area has an excellent restaurant scene, including the famous coffeehouse Bongo Java.

Hillsboro Village

Sitting between Belmont University and Vanderbilt University, Hillsboro Village is home to many college students, families, and young adults. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood with a great nightlife, boasting over 15 bars and restaurants. There is also fantastic shopping stores in this area, with cute boutiques and a local bookstore.

While the restaurants, shops, and the Belcourt Theatre are within walking distance, the grocery store requires just a short drive. This neighborhood offers townhouses, duplexes, and apartments for all different types of people to choose from.


This neighborhood is the most common and popular area for young adults to go out, sitting just next to the Gulch and Downtown. Demonbreun primarily consists of a quarter-mile-long strip of outdoor patios attached to bars and restaurants, ideal for fun and entertainment when the weather is nice.

This area also has a few shops, salons, and a spa, and offers a wide selection of apartments and condos.

West End Hotspots

West End is located about 2.5 miles west/southwest of Downtown Nashville, near the Nashville neighborhoods of Midtown and Sylvan Park. This neighborhood features several housing options, including condos, apartments, and single-family homes.

Vanderbilt University, several hospitals, major medical centers, and corporate offices are all found within the West End neighborhood, motivating a number of hotels and chain restaurants to establish themselves there.

West End is also home to the city’s largest urban park, Centennial Park, featuring a sunken garden, walking paths, expansive green space, and a lake. The park also features an amazing full-scale 1897 replica of the Greek Parthenon. Located across from Vanderbilt University, the sprawling park spans 132 acres and was home to the 1897 Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition. It also previously served as a racetrack and fairgrounds.

Belle Meade Amenities

Belle Meade is a community of just over 3,000, located about 8.5 miles southwest of downtown Nashville. Its land area covers just over three square miles. Although part of Nashville-Davidson County, the town is known for its autonomy, with its own historic street signage, mayor, and police force.

The community gets its name from the French phrase for beautiful meadow, an apt descriptor for the surrounding landscape. It was first settled by southern planter and thoroughbred breeder John Harding when he built his original log cabin in the early 1800s. He later built the town’s namesake, historic Belle Meade Plantation, located near Richmond Creek on Harding Pike. The plantation’s grounds contain many original buildings and features and are also available as an event venue.

Music Row

As its name suggests, Music Row is the heart of Music City’s recording industry and home to some of the best live music in Nashville. With famous studios and labels like Historic RCA Studio B, Warner Music Nashville, and BMI in the area, Music Row is one of the best places to live in Nashville for musicians, songwriters, producers, and radio personalities. Because of its prime location between Midtown and Downtown, this Nashville neighborhood is also popular among singles and professionals who want quick commutes into the city for work and college students attending Belmont University or Vanderbilt University. While the neighborhood does have newly-constructed condos, single-family houses, and townhomes for purchase, residences in the area are primarily lofts and apartments for rent.

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