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Cuemath is an online learning platform that provides learning on mathematics and coding through some simple techniques. Students can access the website or app to achieve the benefits of various modes of learning suitable for students of different standards. Students can have a good learning experience as Cuemath applies innovative methods and a practice-based learning approach. It aims to prove that anyone can be good at mathematics by understanding basic concepts. It is an effective method of teaching math concepts to children and removing the fear of mathematics from their minds. You can apply for a Cuemath free trial to know more about this platform.

What is Cuemath Curriculum?

  • Cuemath is a leading online learning platform for mathematics for students from 1st to 12th grade, across all school boards. It employs different methodologies for different standards of students that suit best their requirements.
  • The learning modules are designed based on easy examples and illustrations that make concepts easy to understand. Students can have the opportunity to practice assignments on various topics and track their progress.
  • It conducts online classes for students that allow live interaction with teachers and clarifies their doubts. The simple yet effective teaching methods help students solve tricky mathematical problems conveniently.
  • They also become confident to handle complex mathematical problems in mathematics contests. However, it may take different amounts of time for different students to learn the concepts and apply the same in studies to get tangible results.

Cuemath Trial Classes

  • Cuemath offers an opportunity for students to enroll on its website for a free learning session. It can be a trial session to get an experience on the mode of learning, use of advanced tools, and guidance from tutors. One has to enroll with details of name, standards, etc. It allows students to attend online classes twice a week and get instructions from expert teachers on various curricula aligned with CBSE and ICSE.
  • Cuemath classes cover every school’s mathematics topics through interactive simulations and personalized problem assignments. It also conducts practice classes on mental mathematics to improve logical thinking and develop their speed and accuracy level.
  • It focuses on problem-solving with real-life examples and employs innovative techniques like puzzles and simulations to make learning more interesting and effective. The programs are age-appropriate and take care of the learning requirements of students.

Volume of Sphere Formula

A sphere is a three-dimensional solid figure that is round in shape and has no edges or corners. The volume of sphere formula is used to find the referred volume of a sphere. The volume of a sphere refers to the space it occupies. The size of a sphere is characterized by its radius. Radius is the distance between the center of the sphere and any point on the surface of the sphere. A sphere with a higher radius will have a larger size and will occupy more space so the volume will also be more.

Formula for the Volume of a Sphere

  • The volume of a sphere is determined by a formula. The formula expresses the volume in terms of the radius. So, we need to know the radius of a sphere to determine its volume.
  • If the radius of the sphere is denoted by ‘r’, then we can obtain the volume of the sphere using the formula as follows:
  • Volume of the sphere (V) = (4/3)πr3   
  • The unit of volume of a sphere is expressed in cubic units depending on the unit used in the measurement of radius.

Steps to Calculate the Volume of a Sphere

  1. Note the value of the radius of the sphere.
  2. Take the cube of the value of the radius.
  3. Multiply the value obtained in step-2 by (4/3)π.
  4. The value thus obtained is the volume of the sphere.

The application of innovative and effective learning methods by Cuemath helps students to love mathematics and makes them able to apply concepts in daily life as well as perform well in examinations.

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