Dental Care – Foods that Can Cause Bad Breath

There is no second opinion on the fact that onions and garlic are a big no-no when it comes to the issues of bad breath. Bad breath is a proven medical condition in which a person suffers from a stinky breath because of the action of microorganisms, especially the action of bacteria. From food options to several lifestyle habits, the reasons can be diverse and various.

According to the best dentist, it is a rather frustrating health complication when a person is aware that something is wrong but they can’t really pinpoint the real cause of it. While some people might suffer from bad breath because of genetics some might be experiencing it because of several food choices.

We have compiled some of the best choices for you in this regard. Happy reading!

Citrus Fruits

Well if there is one thing that you have no idea about is that oral bacteria that cause odor are a fan of acidic environments. Thus if you are habitually eating a lot of citrus fruits then you are causing your body to have acid reflux. This condition becomes more primal in those people who are already suffering from an acid reflux condition.

Therefore, it is a rather wise thing to be more careful about what you are eating especially in the matters of bad breath. Furthermore, if you are also thinking of freshening your breath with candy, try a sugar-free-post citrus one as sugars also encourage bacteria to feast.

Canned Fish

Fish but not the fresh one from the ocean, the one that is canned is a serious threat to your oral hygiene. Fishy breath is a rather notorious one in this department and that is primarily because of a compound named trimethylamines.

Unless and until they do not have a liquid compound to get bound to they will linger off in your mouth, thus causing a serious case of bad breath.

Acidic juices, some best choices, such as lemon juice, orange juice, and even vinegar can bind with the water. This allows you to get rid of these compounds from your mouth just by having a drink. But if these materials are staying in for the long run then all you have to do is chew a sugar-free gum so that the materials can be reduced or eliminated from the mouth.


Dairy products are a host to a number of amino acids which tend to react with the whole oral ecosystem. They end up producing sulfuric acid compounds which can end up in making the breath sour. These bacterias also feast on the milk compounds and produce a large amount of hydrogen sulfide. In the end, you are left with a stinky breath and second-hand embarrassment in such matters.

In these instances, you can use fluoride toothpaste. These toothpaste will kill the bacteria that have been causing such chemicals in your mouth. In case you cannot use toothpaste try to drink water to drive the bacteria away from your mouth. You can also make use of floss which is a rather travel-friendly thing to keep in your bag at all times. 


Eating too much of your favorite meats such as turkey or lean meats can lead to protein build-up in the body. It can also lead to bad breath because of all the amino acids that the protein get dissolved into during the breaking down of food point.

That is why a rather friendly reminder here is to keep track of how much protein you are eating on a daily basis. But if you have had too much of it, then you can balance it off by eating those foods that are rich in zinc such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, and chickpeas as well.

These foods help the oral ecosystem and do not lead to plaque build-up as well as stinky breath.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter without a doubt holds the crown of one of the best sources of protein. But it is a rather paste-like substance that makes the salivary enzymes work on it a rather difficult task. Bacteria love to feast on proteins but too much of it makes your mouth smell like rotten eggs and you do not want that.

The best option at hand would be to tackle this issue with an oral rinse. It will greatly help with the removal of all the remnants from your mouth so that the breath stays fresh for a long while.

The Bottom Line

Thus if you are suffering from these matters then you need to keep a check on what you are eating and how much. For more consultation, you can book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

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