Guide to Increasing Electrical Contracting Business

You may be excellent at electrical marketing, but your experience and zeal for the industry will not be sufficient to expand your firm any further than it already has. You must consider the recent digital transformation, which shows that 97 percent of users now search online for local businesses.

If you wish to expand your electrical contracting firm in 2022 and beyond, you must engage in web marketing. Some of the effective electrician marketing strategies are as follows.

  • A well-designed electrician electrical marketing website 

To find the local services, 97 percent of customers use the Internet. So, your website will likely be the initial point of contact with prospects. 

It’s not enough, though, to simply own a website; 75% of consumers have rated a company’s trustworthiness based on its website design, and 48% say it’s the most important aspect in determining credibility.

Moreover, a single negative encounter on a website decreases visitors’ likelihood of returning by 88 percent. On top of these, you must also see to it that y our website is mobile-friendly, safe, quick, and user-friendly.

  • Contractors must master SEO

SEO is the act of modifying your website’s content and code so that search engines can comprehend what your web page is about and, accordingly, rank your relevant pages higher for particular search queries.

Over the past several years, SEO has changed tremendously. What it took to rank in 2015 may no longer be applicable. Therefore, you must optimize it periodically to find results through your online electrical marketing efforts.

  • A large volume of high-quality content 

Content electrical marketing is a broad term that encompasses blogs, e-books, videos, infographics, and virtually anything else on your website.

The majority of customers have a more favorable opinion of a brand after reading personalized content and feel more connected to a company after reading or viewing the content. 

The 11 Electrician Marketing Strategies You’ll Ever Need:

An incredible circuit tester web composition
Website streamlining (SEO for circuit testers)
Content advertising
PPC advertising for circuit testers
Google Local Services advertisements

  • Local service advertisements for electricians on Google

If you are a match for the Google Guarantee, you can choose a list of the electrical services you provide. When a user’s search matches the requirements for these services, your advert will be displayed. 

  • Inclusion of the various social media platforms in the electrical marketing plan

Many electrical contractors inquire whether social networking electrical marketing is worthwhile. If customer service, brand expansion, and online real estate ownership are important, then for sure social media matters. It is crucially important.

The Best Electrician Marketing Plans Engage Customers Throughout Their Buying Journey:

In the present computerized age, customers go to the web first to track down data. With a couple of snaps of a button, mortgage holders can look for a nearby circuit tester, pick numerous workers for hire to contact for a statement, and immediately continue on about their day.

  • Investing in video marketing

Video marketing is trending at present. Internet users in the United States spend an average of 15 hours a week watching digital videos. Incorporating a video on a landing page can raise conversion rates by 80%. You can create a YouTube channel and begin by filming- 

  1. Company profile videos 
  2. Customer testimonial films 
  3. How-to videos that address frequent concerns 
  4. Animated short clippings
  5. Videos introducing your technicians


All these strategies are tried and tested ways to gain digital prominence. There are other ways to draw traffic to your web page like PPC ads, call tracking, email marketing, electrical marketing, etc. Try to take advantage of these tactics to stay in the market. With the apt combination of digital strategies, you will surely create a self-sustaining electrical marketing business. 

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