How to Freshen Your Home Décor Affordably – A Two-Minute Cushion Buying Guide for Newbies

It is natural for you to want to refresh the interiors of your home from time to time, but the prohibitive cost of painting, refurbishing, and remodeling can be daunting. If you do not have much money to spare yet want to prevent your home from becoming stale and boring, you can still add a pop of color and style by buying a few well-chosen sofa cushions. Simple and highly affordable, using sofa cushions takes little time and effort to refresh your living room and make it cozy and stylish. A few handy tips for buying cushions right:

Material and Stuffing 

While your sofa cushions must look attractive, you will also need them to be comfortable. The cushion material is of vital importance as it will dictate the level of comfort. The amount of filling must be adequate to provide the desired support without the cushion becoming flat after a while. While there is a wide choice of stuffing materials, according to Swanky Den, memory foam is the best for comfort. It provides good support, adjusts to the shape of the person sitting, and bounces back to its original shape immediately after the pressure is released. The choice of the cushion cover material is also important because you will want it to be durable yet soft to the touch, comfortable, breathable, and easy to maintain and clean. If you or any family member has allergies, you need to stick with hypoallergenic materials like cotton and linen.

The Arrangement 

Even before you look at other style elements, you need to decide on the arrangement of the cushions. While there is nothing wrong with being conventional and placing two large cushions at each end of the sofa, you can make it cozier by using two or three smaller ones on each arm. You will need to decide on the number of cushions, their size, and how you will stack them depending on the size of the sofa. You will also need to know what patterns will work the best for the given arrangement. 

Print and Patterns

The prints and patterns of the cushion covers, typically, are the first things that catch the eye when you enter the living room. However, you must not choose arbitrarily but decide based on the colors currently in use in the space. Select one to two primary colors on the walls, furnishings, or works of art in the room, and use them to good effect in your cushions. A simple color palette will work well to make a room with several colors more cohesive. However, if the space has a neutral tone, you can use bright colors and bold patterns to elevate its look.


While it is a good idea to keep the suggestions described above in mind, it is vital to remember that these are not hard and fast rules. You need to decide what will work the best with the other elements in the current room décor and reflect your sense of style. At the end of the day, your home should reflect who you are and not look like an impersonal reproduction of a home decor sales catalog.

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