Matchmaking Services: Which One Is the Most Successful? 

Matchmaking services have become popular in recent times. With people hardly having enough time to themselves, meeting a life partner or people to go on dates with has become cumbersome. Rather than struggle with the current social setup and go through the awkwardness and strain of meeting new people, some prefer reaching out to experts to help them find compatible partners.

This will increase their chances of having meaningful relationships. This explains why matchmakers today continue to make a living and support different people to find happiness and love. So, which are the best matchmaking services, and are they worth trying? Keep reading for more insights and find singles near me


Kelleher International 

You must know that hiring a professional matchmaker will cost you money. The good news is that it will be a worthy investment that yields results. Kelleher International is one of the most trusted matching services you can count on. If you are looking for exclusivity, this is the matchmaking service provider you want to contact. The company has 16 major US cities in San Francisco, including Boston, Miami, New York, Chicago, and Seattle.  

Kelleher has an international reach with its London, Vancouver, and Toronto offices, if that is not enough. The company’s success is with writing home about. It was first established in 1986 and headed by a mother-daughter duo, Jill Kelleher and Amber Kelleher-Andrews. This elite matchmaking service will yield expected results and even exceed one’s imagination. 

But how does it work?  

One may ask. The matchmaking service lasts 13 months, and the packages vary based on your search scope. It was not cheap. For instance, a local search where the search is concentrated in your location/ city only costs about $25,000. Every additional city added requires an extra $5000 added to increase the search scope.  

If you are interested in a national search, the scope is enormous. This elite membership package will part with a whopping $150,000. However, it is an exclusive package that includes a personal consultation with the two ladies.  

Regardless of the package you choose, you have to sign up first. This starts with a preliminary call, followed by a person-to-person meeting and a skype session where the details of your anniversary and relationship goals will be discussed further. 


Millionaires Club 

Another lucrative matchmaking service is the Millionaires club, headed by Patti Stanger. This is a service that targets people with different needs. Stanger started her firm in 2000 and has been doing quite well, even earning a TV show at some point. The service is based in Los Angeles and serves people across the country, including those in DC, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Atlanta, to mention a few.  

Besides matchmaking, people can also access other services on the platform, including relationship counseling, image consulting, dating coaching, and even professional photography. The service has several packages that potential clients choose from. These vary in cost, with the bronze costing $45,000whereas platinum goes for $100,000+.  

If you want to work with Patti herself and be among the ten clients she works with within a year, you have to add an extra $35,000 to the package you choose. You also have to pay an additional $30,000 if you want to be considered for priority status, where you are given the first opportunity to meet the best singles in your city. However, the priority is based only on a first, first-serve basis as there are no guarantees. 

All the packages involve a 12-month non-stop dating period and a two-month holding period. If you are not interested in the packages offered, you can opt for the mixer experience plan, which allows you to meet 25 handpicked singles at an event organized by Stanger. You will also have to pay for the venue, food, and drinks. Stanger chooses the exclusive location of the Mixer experience, which is also open for paying clients who opted for different packages.  

SEI Club (Signature Elegance International) 

This matchmaking service resembles the Millionaires club because it only offers more than matchmaking services. It is headquartered in Newyork but has a presence in other US cities, including Chicago, Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles. It is also internationally renowned, with offices in London, Geneva, and Côte d’Azur

The platform works by first screening potential clients, and only those accepted will pay an entrance fee of $495. The club offers several packages, with the list being $12,750 and the most expensive being the uber elite million-dollar membership. This elite membership gives you access to exquisite picks, including models, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Of course, you can always opt out of the deal. You will also love that there are money-back guarantees if the number of singles in the contract is not provided. 

Other equally good and successful matchmaking service providers include: 

  • Serious matchmaking 
  • Amy Laurent 
  • VIDA select 

Final Thoughts 

There are a variety of dating or matchmaking service providers you can opt for. While there is no way of deciding which is the best of them all, you can be sure that there will always be options. What matters are your relationship goals, the amount of dating support you need, the flexibility you want, and the cost of the services. 

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