Mini Ebike in the test – The Inmotion P1F

Today we test the Mini Ebike Inmotion P1F. In particular, we are interested in the driving experience, but we will also examine the equipment and the technical details in more detail.

Is the Inmotion P1F more of a mini e-bike or is it a scooter after all? I don’t really want to think of the answer yet. skywalker electric board because for an e-bike the pedals are missing, for a scooter the running board. However, if a scooter is by definition a scooter, such as a Vespa, then the Inmotion comes closest to the latter, at least in terms of handling.

The scooter was provided to me by the online shop ScooterGreenGo from Fronhausen (Lahn).


High driving comfort

Easy to use


LED lighting incl. brake light

Safe their pneumatic tires + disc brakes


Design that takes some getting used to

Handlebar, not height adjustable

No road traffic approval (yet)

Scope of delivery

The Inmotion P1F came with the pre-assembled Mini Ebike, the saddle, as well as the charger, and the cable. The same applies to the operating instructions and the optionally available additional footrests.

All components arrived neatly packed and padded in our office. To put the Mini Ebike into operation, only two things have to be done: The foldable handlebar must be set up and locked and the saddle must be attached to the scooter by means of a quick release. One thing of 30 seconds and then it can almost start.

Driving experience and handling

With my good 1.93 cm, I am certainly not the typical test person for a Mini Ebike test. And yet I found space and was able to successfully complete my laps.

However, before you can do the first test drive, the battery must be charged. A charge level indicator on the handlebar provides information about when the device is fully charged. After about 6 hours, the battery is fully charged.

First of all, I refrained from reading the operating instructions to see how intuitively the small electric speedster can be operated. Because many buttons or setting options are not given anyway.

On the handlebar are the on/off button, the throttle grip, a horn, and the switch for front and rear lights. Important: Not only fold up the handlebars but also check the accessibility of the brakes. I realigned the handlebars again using the Allen key.

Let’s get started…

Put on it, step on the gas and drive off. More is not possible. Figuratively. Because the feet are condemned to a standstill. However, once you have taken a seat, the wild ride can also begin right away.

The moderate acceleration moves the Mini Ebike up to 20 km/h in the test. Since the manufacturer and also the app provides information up to 30 km / h, I suspect that a lock was installed on the software side in order to be able to use the device legally in road traffic in the future. Or I didn’t find the power mode switch.

Be that as it may, 20 kilometers per hour is fast enough. I particularly like the fact that the Inmotion P1F is on air-filled tires. The wheel at the front has 12 inches, and the wheel at the rear 10 inches in diameter. As a result, the scooter does not need any further suspension and glides smoothly over the asphalt.

I also find the disc brakes excellent. These are grippy and bring the scooter to a stop quickly and in a controlled manner.

The combination of pneumatic tires and disc brakes brings the P1F advantages in terms of safety in every respect over most just hyped e-scooters.

A horn and front and rear LEDs also contribute to safety. I did not test the horn with a decibel meter, it is decent but by no means brutally loud. A light roar, which should still be audible at a distance of 5-10 meters and resembles a conventional bell – from the volume.

The lighting can be easily switched on and off on the handlebars and fulfills its purpose properly. Also well thought out: The rear light also serves as a brake light. When braking (front or rear), the rear light starts flashing to alert other road users to the changed situation.

At dusk and darkness, the lighting is activated by means of a switch on the handlebar. In my opinion, the light is sufficiently bright to recognize the route and to draw the attention of other road users.

Back to my impressions: The driving experience is a bit unusual for me but not unpleasant. The P1F moves me forward quickly and silently. Even small inclines or excursions on gravel or meadow make the small car without hesitation.

Only on gradients above 12 degrees (and in connection with my weight) does the performance decrease significantly or here the limit of locomotion is reached. The 350 watt motor has its strengths (as with almost all scooters) rather in flat terrain.

The only real change for me is the fact that hands and feet are each “connected” to the front. If you steer with your hands e.B. to the left, the legs must carry out this movement. I don’t know how to describe it better, it’s not bad but just unusual.

A remedy here can be the optional footrest, which is installed quite centrally on the frame and decouples the legs from the front tire.

In everyday life: With a weight of about 13.5 kilograms, the Inmotion P1F is about as heavy as a medium-weight escooter. I like the fact that the small speedster can be packed in the middle of the frame and you have the center of gravity when wearing.

Since the Mini Ebike is also foldable, it can be accommodated in the trunk without any problems or can be taken on the bus and train to save space.

First impression

Admittedly, I was skeptical. I find the design a bit strange and therefore I have adjusted my expectations downwards from the outset. Somehow the bike looks more like a moped than a scooter or e-bike. But wrongly. The P1F is more fun with every ride. Even small rides over meadows are feasible (as long as the grass is low and the route is level). Meanwhile, the legs also get used to the initially unfamiliar position. Especially thanks to the pneumatic tires, the road holding is really good and the brakes react as they should.

I did not notice any obvious criticisms or even shortcomings. Due to my height, I would only like a height-adjustable handlebar and a height-adjustable saddle. The latter has a margin of perhaps 2 cm.

Technical details

Below are the technical details of the P1F. It is actually a modified Inmotion P1, but it was equipped with a more powerful battery (4.4 Ah to 8.8 Ah) and has writing brakes at the front and rear, while the P1 only has a disc brake installed at the rear.

From my point of view, the P1F is an interesting mobility solution. Due to the low center of gravity, three contact points (hands, feet and butt) and the pneumatic tires with disc brake, you immediately feel safe on the minibike.beginner longboards for teens moderate acceleration and a range of up to 40 kilometers on one battery charge make it a reliable companion. The optics will divide the spirits, somewhere in the middle from futuristic to trashy will be the truth. In other words, one likes it, the other doesn’t.

I trust the P1F to have a place as a mobility solution. Whether for commuters on the way to the last mile or for campers who are looking for a space-saving and affordable e-solution instead of large ebikes – the little speedster will find its fans. If you want to buy an e-scooter on which you can comfortably take a seat, you should include the P1F in the narrow selection.

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