Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 Mill Street Carringtons Bradford BD1 4AB

When you are searching for Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 mill street Carringtons Bradford bd1 4ab, you will get the results of a Company which is newly registered in Carringtons, UK called Naylor Taverns Limited. And also we are looking for this postal code there were more than 300 Companies registered on this postal code. One of these 300 Companies is Naylor Taverns Limited.

Naylor Taverns Limited, a private limited company was incorporated on 28th January 2022. The business’s nature is Bars and public houses. The registered office of the company is located on the street of Mill in Bradford. The next accounts of the company will be due on 28 Oct 2023 and will consider under the account category. Also, there is one interesting fact about Naylor Taverns Limited No Accounts are Filled till now. There is no previous name for Naylor Taverns Limited.

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Naylor Taverns Limited

Naylor Taverns Limited was a Working company that was incorporated on January  28th of 2022 and has its registered office in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Naylor Taverns Limited is currently in operation for 3 months. According to the most recent confirmation statement, 28 January 2022, there is currently one director. The name of the director is Mrs. Michelle Naylor. The company has no outstanding mortgage charges. The address of their company is Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 mill street Carringtons Bradford bd1 4ab.

Director: Mrs. Michelle Naylor

A total of 1 company have appointed Mrs. Michelle Naylor. These appointments have been canceled by Mrs. Michelle Naylor. She was born in June of 1967.

Rights of Mrs. Michelle Naylor in Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 mill street Carringtons Bradford bd1 4ab

  • She owns in-between 75% to 100% shares.
  • She holds in-between 75% to 100% of the right of voting.
  • The appointing rights or removing directors.

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More Details of Naylor Taverns Limited

  • Company Number: 13878443 (Company has a Share capital and is also registered as a Private limited company)
  • Status of Company: Company looks Active as per data of the UK Government and also from its incorporation it is active till now.
  • Conformation: Naylor Taverns Limited needs to provide the first confirmation statement by 10th Feb. 2023.
  • Classification: Naylor Taverns Limited is classified as bars and public houses.
  • Accounts: Accounts of Naylor Taverns Limited are not reported till now. The first account date is January 31st of 2023 and it will be due on October 28th of 2023.
  • Financial: We can not find Tear ended statement report, total asset details, Total Liabilities details, Net asset details, cash in bank details, employees details, turnover details, and also debt ratio is not available anywhere, or we can say it was not provided by Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 mill street Carringtons Bradford bd1 4ab still now.
  • Contact:  Naylor Taverns Carringtons 14 mill street Carringtons Bradford bd1 4ab’s Registered address is Carringtons 14 Mill Street, Carringtons, Bradford, BD1 4AB. Naylor Taverns Limited belongs to the United Kingdom. We can not find primary contact details like Telephone number, Email address, Website, and any social media details.

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