Pros and cons of fixed wireless internet

Many people are living in rural areas where there is less facilities and opportunities as compared to urban areas. One problem that they have to face is the lack of internet services. The one disadvantage of living in rural areas is that there are less internet providers. Due to less internet providers, internet users have to face difficulties. In rural areas DSL and fixed wireless internets are used. And this is the only best option forgive people living in rural areas. But it is not necessary that these internets are only used in rural areas. These are also used in other areas. 

In wireless internet, there is a main access point, and they install receivers at different places. Like someone wants the internet at their home, for this internet connection, they access the internet from the main point and then install a receiver at their home so that signals will reach their home through the receiver. Like this internet is accessed on fixed wireless internet. Like homes, at other places for example farm houses, business spots etc internet connection is installed and accessed.

Where there is light definitely there will be darkness. So if one thing is giving you so many benefits obviously there will be some disadvantages of that. Advantages and disadvantages move side by side to each other. Sometimes there are more benefits and less disadvantages and sometimes benefits are less. Same as fixed wireless internet has advantages and disadvantages. Some of its pros and cons we will share In this article. After that you will easily make a decision whether to choose fixed wireless internet services or not. 

“Pros and cons of fixed wireless internet”

Here are some pros and cons:



In fixed wireless internet cables are not used so much time is not required or consumed while installing it. You only need a receiver and its installation is easy. So its installation is not time consuming.


Leased lines Which are infrastructure underground, these are not available in rural areas. Due to this in rural areas there is fiber cable internet is not available. And there is no need of leased lines for fixed wireless internet. So that’s why its availability is more than cable internet. 


It is a cheap internet. Less money is used because leased lines are not infrastructured and less cost is used. If leased lines are infrastructured then more money is used. So leased lines are not used in fixed wireless internet, so that’s why installation cost is less.


As shared connection is not available in fixed wireless internet. It means that from your internet connection, internet is not shared to any other user. Due to this it’s reliability increases. And speed is not affected in peak hours. And speed does not interrupt you. 


Uptime of fixed wireless internet is 99.99%. Due to this, fixed wireless internet is best as compared to cable internet. If you don’t want any interruptions and you can’t afford any other internet then you should go for fixed wireless internet because this internet is available all the time. 


Speed of fixed wireless internet is fast because in fixed wireless internet there is low latency. It’s latency is less than 1ms.  And it is less than fiber internet. Latency of fiber internet is 1.6ms. So that’s why its speed and reliability is more than other internet. 


All those internet connections which work on ground base cable, those internet connections are disturbed during floods, fire work, and other natural or accidental issues. And the internet’s signals become zero. Because fixed wireless internet does not use anything like this and does not work like this that’s why it is the best internet.



Fixed wireless internet is a fast and cost reliable internet, which is used for big data and there is no limit of data in it. But its prices are high. It is an expensive internet because its reliability and availability are much more than other internet so its packages are expensive.

“Difficult to install”

As cable etc are not needed in fixed wireless internet so that’s why it is a little bit difficult to install. Because if the sight line will not be clear, then the receiver will not receive signals. So it is difficult to install as compared to other internet sites. And an expert or professional person can install it.


We have mentioned pros and cons of fixed wireless internet in this article and you can see that its benefits are more than its disadvantages. Now you can easily decide whether you want to buy this internet or not. If you want to buy fixed wireless internet you can buy it from us. We are authorized resellers of internet provider companies. Our agent will come to your home and install it.  So call us on 888-255-1548 to get a quote. For more information about internet providers, companies visit our website. 

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