Pure as a Dove, Flowers Symbolise so much Love.

Flowers are given and received not just because they’re pretty; flowers represent thoughts and feelings. They’re not just a gift that you send to someone for fulfilling a formality, and you never send flowers to someone who doesn’t mean something to you. Flowers mean so much to someone. They’re a little love letter of affection, bonding, care, concerns, regards, and happiness. Flowers are a boon to the planet, they make people happy, and this is something people want more and more these days because of all the stressful situations around. Be it friends, partners, colleagues, family, relatives, or elders, giving flowers fits everyone and any time. Be it a birthday, anniversary, official party, or a baby shower, all situations call out for flowers, be it in a bouquet form or decoration form. All of this is because flowers have a very positive vibe to them, which never fails to reach every corner of a surrounding or every heart of the people around. No wonder everything beautiful is always compared to flowers, be it someone’s pretty face, someone’s delicateness, or heart; all these great traits are often compared to the fragrance, petals, and softness of flowers. 

Send flowers to Gurgaon, or send flowers to Germany. These days’ online flower services are topping the charts in providing us all the convenience and all the comfort in sending flowers to anyone anywhere around the whole world, and that too with so much ease. Your feelings can directly be delivered to the special people in your life now in the form of flowers. How cool is that? 

Buy carnations online, buy roses, buy lilies, or buy daisies. There’s a huge variety of flowers available with online flower delivery services. Now you no longer have to stand in the local flower shops selecting flowers, selecting the wrappers, buying vases, and then giving them to someone. You can select a bouquet and get it delivered. Could it get any easier? We don’t think so. 

The bottom line is to send flowers to Kolkata or send flowers to Kuwait. Online flower delivery services have gotten the world smaller and the hearts closer. Flowers depict many things, as we all know, but certain flowers represent love and affection, and in distressful times like these, these are the kind of flowers you should send to your special ones whenever you get a chance to do so.  

  1. Care of Carnations: Different kinds of carnations have different meanings. First of all, carnations are one of those flowers that depict love. Lighter shades of carnation symbolize admiration, and the darker shades symbolize love and affection on a deeper level. Carnations are one of the sweetest looking flowers, and they look so innocent and charming in their way. Carnations can be called an ‘old school’ way of showing love and affection, which still means a lot to people.  
  1. Turn in with the Tulips: Tulips are to the world what pretty white swans are to ponds. Tulips are one of the sincerest looking flowers and are often given to show love and affection. Even tulips come in different colors, and every color has its significance. Red tulips represent true love; yellow tulips represent cheerfulness; purple tulips signify royalty, and white tulips represent calmness and forgiveness. Though different tulips have different meanings, giving any colored tulips to someone straight-up means you are affectionate towards the person, or you love the person you’re giving them to.  
  1. Ready for the Rose: As soon as someone mentions a flower and love together, the first thing that comes to our mind is a red rose. That’s how deeply red roses are connected to love and affection. Giving a bouquet of roses to someone doesn’t require you to say anything because in that bouquet, ‘I love you is written on each petal of all the roses, not visibly but emotionally. Roses are the physical form of the word love, and nothing can change this fact. 
  1. The awesomeness of the Orchids: Orchids have been one of the most exotic flowers to date. They represent different levels of love, adorability, fondness, respect, and affection. Orchids have been go-to flowers whenever people wanted to show love to someone, especially a woman. They look fragile, feminine, gentle, and pure, they are diamonds, diamonds of the flower kingdom, and as we know, diamonds are a women’s best friend, and so are orchids.  

Different flowers carry different meanings, and even different colors of those flowers carry different meanings. It’s understandable to fiddle with words while expressing love and affection to someone, but that can’t be done with the flowers. It shouldn’t be done with the flowers because flowers don’t know how to twist words. They say everything straight to the face of the person receiving them, so if you want to say it right, give the right flowers. 

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