Sailing brands: The most popular sailing brands in the world

Sailing brands exist like sand on the sea. In recent decades, many manufacturers have tried to establish themselves on the market.

Ultimately, some have managed to build a decent reputation. This article introduces some of the best and most well-known sailing brands.

The manufacturers mentioned offering the complete range in their entirety: From special clothing to sailing equipment, Klipsch rp 280f review everything is included.

Adidas Sailing

With Adidas Sailing, the global corporation has succeeded in entering the world of sailing clothing. Adidas brings the usual innovative spirit into the products and convinces the fans of the articles with the usual “Adidas quality”.

In the assortment of Adidas Sailing, you will mainly find boat shoes and sailing clothing. With the products and reviews about tower speakers, you are on the safe side when it comes to staying dry on board.


Ascan is a neoprene specialist specializing in the production of neoprene products.

The extensive expertise of the Ascan reasons flows into the production process, all of which are enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts.

That’s why the products remain up-to-date when it comes to innovations on the market. The great advantage of neoprene is its heat-insulating properties.

This keeps people warm in the water – and excessive or hypothermia can be avoided in this way.

Barigo Marine

The traditional manufacturer from the Black Forest is mainly known for its measuring instruments, weather stations, etc.

One division of Barigo is “Barigo Marine”. In this sector, the manufacturer sells marine instruments, measuring devices, etc. for yacht and sailboat owners.

The products are elaborately manufactured and it is not surprising that the whole thing is more in the upper price segment.


Batela bietet hochwertige Designerobjekte an, mit denen das Innere eines jeden Segelbootes einem maritimen Flair unterzogen werden kann.

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Von Tellern in Fischform – allesamt Unikate – bis hin zu handverlesenen Dekorationsartikeln vertreibt der Anbieter exklusive Produkte zur Dekoration.

In addition, interested parties can purchase clothing from Batela. For over a quarter of a century, Batela has been one of the places to go when it comes to purchasing nautical clothing.


The Hamburg-based company produces and sells boat and sailing shoes as well as gloves.

Due to the many years of experience in the industry, the products sold meet the highest product standards and in the scene of sailors, the shoes enjoy a very high reputation.

The trademark of the shoes is the so-called Razor-Cut sole. This is characterized by a fine cut and a special casting method.

This allows the wearer to have more grip on slippery surfaces. This prevents the risk of slipping and counteracts the risk of accidents to a large extent.

BMS Sailing

Under the slogan of sustainability, this Hamburg-based company produces functional clothing in timeless design, among other things.

According to various statements, these garments should score with a timeless design and durability. When choosing a material, functionality is in line with criteria, such as .B optics.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the products usually last about a decade before a break is to be expected.

Especially with regard to children’s fashion, BMS Sailing advertises with the resale value, as this allows sustainability to be put into practice.


Bockstiegel specialises in the production and distribution of weatherproof shoes. Rubber boots in particular catch the eye.

These score points with the users due to the positive product characteristics. For sailors, the water shoes are primarily an “eye catcher” (from the Bockstiegel product range).


The Italian-based sailing brand sells the most important components that should not be missing on a ship. Stairs, bathing platforms or bathing ladders and so on are particularly striking.

The mentioned products meet high quality standards and have found a fan base all over the world.


For more than 20 years, the company has been offering sustainably produced outdoor clothing with the characteristic moose logo.

According to Elkline, the garments are intended to express a positive attitude to life and, as with other manufacturers, great importance is attached to the harmony of Elkline products and nature.

Feingerätebau Fischer

In 1945, the precision engineering company was founded by Kurt Fischer. The products are produced exclusively in Saxony and the Ore Mountains.

The measuring instruments enjoy a very high reputation among end users worldwide. The reason for this is decades of experience, which is reflected in particular in the measuring instruments offered today.

Among the comprehensive product range, there are the points “Deep Sea Navigation” and “Water Sports”. These are likely to be of interest mainly for friends of sailing.

Magic Marine

The range of this manufacturer includes almost everything that the heart of a sport-loving sailor desires. Magic Marine convinces its customers with an excellent price-performance ratio.

As a result, it is possible to buy relatively inexpensively. The clothing lasts (e.B. on the high seas) even in the most adverse conditions.


As a subsidiary of Magic Marine, Mystic equips the small sailors with everything that is necessary in terms of clothing.

For children, the brand offers a solid product line, so the next family trip can come by sailboat.

Navy line

Navyline is another player headquartered in Hamburg. The company specializes in the production and distribution of boat accessories.

The range is constantly being expanded and there are currently over 20,000 different items on offer at the Navy line. Navy line is part of the Yachticon group of companies.


Yachticon is a company founded in 1982, which has made a name for itself in recent decades with the sale of products for the care of yachts and caravans.

It all started with a simple solution for disinfecting water. From this, the company developed as the world knows it today.


There are numerous manufacturers and brands that produce completely or at least partially products that are of interest to boat lovers and sailors.

This overview is intended to serve as a start-up aid with which interested parties can take a closer look at the background information of the various companies.

Providers are included in all price ranges, and most of the listed manufacturers currently also have products for different high-income customers in their offers.

By purchasing previous year’s products (etc.) you can also save a certain amount of money. If you have any questions, you can contact the companies in question with a clear conscience via online forms or other means.

That would be the easiest way to avoid leaving any questions unanswered in the room. There are numerous other providers in this segment. This selection is therefore only a rough outline of the whole.

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