The Essential Products You’ll Should Use to Clean Your Car at Home

You may have just purchased your first car, or are frustrated with paying for costly car washes, this guide to the most essential items you’ll require to wash your car at home contains all the items you require to achieve excellent results.

Maintaining the appearance and the feel of your vehicle isn’t easy, but you’ll require the right tools to clean the exterior and interior. In order to assist you in assembling the best kit, we’ve listed all the necessary tools and products for cleaning your car both inside and out.

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External Car Cleaning

Bird poo, sap, dirt waste and salt that accumulates on roads can prove difficult to eliminate, so you’ll need to invest in the right equipment and tools to thoroughly clean exterior surfaces and safe.

Car Shampoo

Useful for: Cleaning the paintwork and getting rid of hard-to-clean, like bird poo and tree sap. Car shampoo is usually diluted by water, and is the safest method to wash the paintwork during the weekly or fortnightly cleaning.

We recommend Simoniz 2-in-1 Shampoo and the Snow Foam. It has an PH neutral formula and an added carnauba wax.

Additional tools: To wash your car with shampoo, you’ll require a high-quality car sponge, as well as two buckets: one bucket for shampoo mix and the other for washing your sponge. We also suggest a pressure washer or hose to rinse the paintwork prior to and after shampooing.

Car Wax

Useful for: Sealing the paintwork from damaging road sludge, for durable protection and an amazing shine. Car wax can help repair the protective layer of your vehicle’s paintwork, protecting it from corrosion and rust and providing a polished appearance.

We’d suggest: It can only be Simoniz Original Wax the original car wax that has protected the paintwork of cars since. In the minimum you should apply the wax at least twice per year to ensure that it’s secured throughout the four seasons. It’s necessary to top it with more frequently, however, it’s an easy spray-on wax.

Tools to supplement HTML0:Applying wax requires no equipment or special skills; all you require is two clean microfiber cloths. TIP: Dampen the application cloth in order to enable the wax to apply it to your painted work.

Car Polish

Car Polish is used for Removing minor streaks, scratches, and other small abrasions from the paintwork of your vehicle, and getting the paint ready for a new coat of wax. Polish assists in evening the surface of your car, smooth it and eliminate small imperfections and faded areas which you may have picked up off the roads.

We’d suggest: Our Scratch and Swirl Remover is ideal the time when your car’s paintwork may be getting a bit worn making an even, smooth surface to apply wax. Make use of it when you spot any small marks appearing on your paintwork, as an easy way to enhance the appearance of the exterior of your car.

Additional tools: As with wax, just a few microfibre cloths is all you require to polish the paintwork of your car. But if your car is a large area or want perfect results An orbital polisher can aid in a thorough buffing of the surface of your car.

Car Glass Cleaner

Useful to: You guessed it – to clean the windscreen, the rear window, the side windows , and mirrors on your vehicle. A glass cleaner that is specifically designed to offer greater visibility because it removes all marks and streaks without leaving streaks or smearsbehind, and spray-on cleaners as well as disposable wipes you can utilize to clean glass surfaces of streaks and dirt.

With a potent cleansing formula that eliminates all residue and dirt as well as leaves no streaks surface to provide all-day visibility

Additional tools: A trusty microfibre cloth or a kitchen roll can help clean glass surfaces. Also, for cleaning while on the move take a few glass wipes inside your bag.

It’s easy to forget about the interior, but with regular traffic and use, things could quickly become filthy, cluttered and unsanitary.

Cleaning the car’s interior may appear like a hassle however, when you have the appropriate tools and supplies you don’t have to be. This is everything you’ll require.

Dashboard Cleaner

Useful for: Cleaning the dashboard as well as other surfaces that are hard around the cabin, such as the center consoleand door pocket and any other trim made of metal or plastic. There are a variety of dashboard cleaners on the market that are available that are available in matt and glossy finish.

We’d suggest: Simoniz Matt or Gloss Dash Cleaner. Its powerful cleaning formula and a pleasantly fragrant scent It’s perfect for getting rid of dust, dirt and marks from surfaces in the interior.

Tools to supplement your HTML0:A dry cloth or pad is perfect for applying the dash cleaner. Also, you can purchase disposable dashboard cleaning wipes that are ideal for keeping in your glove box.

Cleanser for leather or upholstery

Useful for: Cleaning cars seats as well as the trim. You’ll need the appropriate product, based on whether your vehicle has leather or upholstered seats so that you can easily get rid of stains, unpleasant odors and to generally keep the interior fresh.

We’d suggest: Simoniz offers a range of cleaning products for interiors, leather and upholstered surfaces, such as conditioners and cleaning sprays and convenient disposable wipes, which are great for cleaning your home on a daily basis.

Additional tools: One of the essential tools to clean interiors on upholstery and leather surfaces is the vacuum cleaner. A cable-based version of your home is fine, but an handheld, portable vacuum can make life simpler when it comes down to getting rid of dirt and other debris off the carpet and seats.

Car Sanitiser and Hygiene Wipes

Useful for: Day-to-day clean-up and maintaining, assuring that your vehicle’s controls and door handles remain free of harmful bacteria and germs. Antibacterial cleaners have been an essential part of your glovebox since the beginning of the epidemic, so it’s worth keeping an effective sanitiser in your bag to ensure that your glovebox is clean and free of germs.

We’d suggest: Simoniz Car Sanitiser is a revolutionary product in the field of interior cleaning, offering an easy method to get rid of the smells and germs from your vehicle. The spray formula circulates throughout the system, taking out unpleasant odours, and then disinfecting your car within a matter of 10 minutes.

Additional tools:A pack of antibacterial wipes is always handy to keep in your glovebox, and an Multi-Surface Cleaner for Interiors is great for general maintenance and cleaning in the cabin.


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