What Are the Requirements for the US Citizens to Apply for the Sri Lanka Visa

The American citizens who want to travel to Sri Lanka must apply for ETA Sri Lanka for US citizens before their departure. The online Electronic Travel Authorization was introduced for simplifying the visa application process. And also, to make the process faster the traditional manual method is time-consuming. When you arrive at the Sri Lankan airport, then the US passport holder will get the ETA authorization permit. But this Sri Lanka visa for us citizens is limited to a 30-day stay. 

What is the Sri Lanka ETA for US Citizens:

The electronic travel authorization permit is a type of visa that US citizens can get for a short stay period. The ETA Sri Lanka for US citizens presents their ETA visa along with their US passport entry port of Sri Lanka and then the authorities will issue a thirty-day valid passport. This US Sri Lanka visa service was introduced to streamline the process of visa application. All you’re gonna do is to attach the important documents with the insertion of essential details. Once you are done with this process then ETA can be quickly granted to the US citizens at the airport. U.S. citizens intending to visit Sri Lanka for purposes of tourism or transit require an approval notice from Sri Lanka’s Electronic Travel Authorization System, an onward/return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds. The Electronic Travel Authorization System is available online or at the port of entry. 

The online ETA application form involves a few basic questions that you need to answer and pay the ETA Sri Lanka for US citizens fee by using your debit & credit card. You will be notified if the visa is approved or rejected and you will be notified by an email that you provide them in the visa application form. many people ask, “can us citizens travel to Sri Lanka?”. the answer for it is simple, which is yes! the citizens of the United States travel to Sri Lanka. 

What Documents Do Americans Need to Apply for the Sri Lanka ETA:

When it comes to a Sri Lanka visa application, then you need to meet all the essential Sri lanka visa requirements for us citizens. Otherwise, your visa application would be rejected, so it is a must to meet the requirement. Below is the list of essential documents that you need to attach with the online ETA Sri Lanka for US citizens application form:

  • Debit or credit card through which you are needed to pay the Sri Lanka visa application fee. 
  • A valid passport must have an expiry date of six months.
  • Your personal email address in which you will be notified that your visa is accepted or rejected. 

To legally enter Sri Lanka, the US passport holder needs to provide the following documents:

  • A printed copy of the approved Sri Lanka ETA
  • Proof of sufficient funds for covering the trip
  • Return ticket

How to Obtain the Sri Lanka Visa or ETA for American Citizens & Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Sri Lanka:

The online visa for Sri Lanka application form for the American passport holders is available online. And they just need to answer some of the basic questions such as name, address, DOB, etc. The next step would be to pay the visa fee using your debit or credit card. Once you are all done with this process, then after the approval of the visa you will receive a confirmation mail on your personal email address you provided during the ETA Sri Lanka for US citizens application.

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