What to Gift to Newly Married Couples

The only thing harder than deciding what to wear at a wedding is deciding what to gift the newly married couple. There might be all sorts of questions going around in your head. Should I give them an appliance? Should I consider a personalized show-piece item? How about wedding jewelry like matching tennis bracelets?! How much will the gift cost? I hope it’s not too cheap, nor too expensive! 

All these questions may drive you crazy. If you are going through a similar phase, then don’t worry. We understand your situation. So, to help you out, we have discussed ten unique and useful choices that you can gift newly married couples.

Champagne Glasses

One of the easiest and most useful options to gift newlyweds is a set of champagne glasses. After all, every time the couple has a drink, the glasses will come out, reminding them of you. 

There are hundreds of options to choose from regarding champagne/wine glasses. You can choose one that best suits your budget, has a good build quality, and looks elegant and cool at the same time. You can order the glasses online from Amazon or other eCommerce platforms. Alternatively, you can buy them from the neighborhood store.

Make sure to gift wrap them and include a customized note for the couple to make the gift even more special. You can also add a decanter to the set to give the couple a more enriching drinking experience.

You can check the prices of the various bride and groom Champagne glasses here. Cheers!


This is not necessarily to give the couple expensive natural diamonds. Instead, you can give them artificial or lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are comparatively more cost-effective than natural diamonds. However, they have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds.

Moreover, they are eco-friendly, produced using sustainable practices, and don’t involve human exploitation. You can choose from various diamond jewelry options for the bride and the groom.

For instance, you can gift a diamond tennis bracelet that will look elegant and beautiful on the bride. Similarly, you can choose between small diamond studs, wedding rings, small earrings, and others, as per your choice.

With your gift, you can ensure that there is always a sparkle in the couple’s married life. You can buy lab-grown diamonds for as low as $173.

Coffee Maker

No day begins without a coffee, whether you brew it at home or buy it from Starbucks. So, a coffee maker is one of the essential items you can gift a newly married couple. There are countless options to choose from for a coffee maker. Decide on a functional and sleek-looking coffee maker after thorough research.

We suggest that you add a coffee mug set to complete the package. You can have personalized cups with the bride and groom pictures or have Mr. and Mrs. text engraved on them for the cutesy, in-love couple.

You can check out some decent coffee makers here.

Customized Photo Frame

Choose your favorite photo or photos of the married couple, be it their first meeting, proposal, or any other significant memory, and have it framed with a personalized message. 

For example, you can create a collage of the couple’s timeline from their initial courting days until the wedding proposal. You may add a personalized message like “To the happy couple,” “Mr. and Mrs.” “From Mr. and Mrs. ABC to Mr. and Mrs. XYZ.”

The newly-wedded couple will proudly flaunt this photo frame on their mantle, bedside table, or kitchen countertop so they can admire the lovely gift every day.

Take a look at some customized photo frame options here.

Couple Cookbook

Are we right, or are we right when we say, “The couple that cooks together stays together?” Research has shown that couples who cook together develop better teamwork, improve communication skills, and ultimately, have a better relationship.

Thus, couple cookbooks can be a perfect gift for the newly married couple to help them spend more time together and improve their relationship. Plus, the couple will have delicious dishes to eat every weekend!

Some of the couple cookbooks you can consider are The Newlywed Cookbook, Date Night In, Cooking For Two,  Sexipes, and Table For Two, to name a few.

Cookware Set

We are not talking about the bland, boring cookware set every couple receives during their marriage. If you are one of them, we feel sorry for you. Rather, we are talking about non-stick, ceramic cookware sets made in gorgeous colors and personalized.

You can head to online stores like Amazon and Etsy, where you will find hundreds of personalized cookware options. Ensure the cookware set has all the necessary items, such as pots, pans, spoons, spatula, and more.

You can pair the cookware set with the couple cookbooks mentioned above. After all, what better gift there is than referring to recipes from your gifted cookbook and preparing them in the utensils you gifted.

Wedding Vows Wall Art

What better way to commemorate the special day than by having the wedding vows on wall art. This will keep reminding the couple of the big day every time they look at it. You can have just the vows written on it or spice it up with a picture of the couple embossed with it.

You can find various options for wedding vows wall art on sites like Etsy and others. You can buy one that you deem is the perfect one for the couple.

Bedding Sets

An excellent gift to add to the couple’s furnishing is bedding sets. The newly married couple will be starting a new life. They might also be required to change the sheets more often in their initial days 😉

Thus, bedding sets can be a good and useful upgrade for the couple. You can also add matching pillows, pillow covers, and other bedding accessories to ensure nothing looks out of place.

Check out bedding options on Walmart here.

What to Gift to Newly Married Couples

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Parting Thoughts

These were our top eight picks for gifts to a newly married couple. Each gift is carefully picked to ensure that the couple has something that reminds them of the wedding day which is also useful.

So, which gift have you decided upon? Is it something from the list, or do you have something else on your mind? Do let us know.

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