Top Brands Still Bet on Custom-Printed Outdoor Banners

2020 was a year of transformation in marketing. The surge in digital marketing was pretty obvious. Approximately 4.2 billion people were active on social media in 2020. Brands wanted to engage with these large groups of people. Brands also couldn’t employ physical, in-person marketing tactics. That’s why digital marketing pretty much overtook traditional marketing in 2020.

However, the digital transformation of the marketing world in 2020 was not permanent. According to a recent study, billions of consumers across the globe are suffering from “digital fatigue.” In the same study, 75% of shoppers said that they “tune out” or “switch off” when they see digital ads.

Hence, your brand may spend 12% or more of its annual budget on digital marketing. But, that won’t guarantee your brand marketing success. More importantly, digital marketing may fail to help your brand build real, authentic connections with your target audiences. That’s why top brands are reverting to a tried-and-tested marketing strategy – outdoor banner advertising.

The Undying Popularity of Outdoor Banner Ads

Between 2010 and 2020, top brands used outdoor banner ads to connect their physical and digital marketing efforts. A brand would set up top-quality banners in a busy outdoor location. These banner ads would feature the brand’s social media links, website, and other digital identities. Anyone who saw the banner ads would either visit the brand’s website or look it up on social media.

That’s why, during this period, outdoor ads and digital ads were the two best-performing marketing tools. Now that the masses are tired of watching too many digital ads, it’s time for banner ads to step up. Here are some reasons why outdoor banner ads and signs continue to dominate the marketing world –

Brand Boost

A large, custom-printed banner will instantly elevate your brand’s popularity. Whether you’re promoting an event or presenting new offers to shoppers – well-designed banner ads never fail to attract audience attention. These banners give brands increased visibility and awareness.

Cost-Effective Brand Growth

Gaining brand visibility and securing its growth consistently isn’t easy or cheap. If you use super-expensive advertising platforms like TV or PPC ad campaigns, these efforts cost even more. In terms of cost-effectiveness, banners are opposite to these expensive advertising tools. High-quality PVC or vinyl banners don’t cost much.

They’re also super-durable. Technically, a vinyl banner you set up today will stay in top shape for many years. During this period, it will collect thousands of impressions. This degree of cost-effectiveness is nearly impossible to find in other marketing tools and strategies.

Target Specific Demographics

Who says only digital marketing allows business leaders to segment and target specific audience groups? Brand leaders can do the same with custom-printed banner ads. They simply need to install their banner ads in specific neighborhoods and communities. Install the banners in places where your target demographics reside/work.

For instance, is your brand targeting school teachers? Then, you should install your brand’s custom banners outside schools, at teachers’ events, and in other similar locations.Banner ads continue to be cheap and highly effective marketing tools. That’s why top brands still rely on custom-printed banners.

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