Why you should consider using brick slips in your next home project

Home projects can be a lot of fun, and they can also be an opportunity to try new things. So along with the home project of expanding the kitchen or adding a new extension to your house, you might also want to try some brand-new techniques. You could use brick slips for instance, which can provide a lot of advantages for people who want to add a bit more texture to their homes.

Plus, they are very easy to install, especially whenever they are compared to bricks! And if you’ve ever seen or been a part of a home project that got way too expensive or went on for way too long while denying you a part of your home, then brick slips will allow you to complete your home project much faster! Here are some more advantages!

The Exposed Brickwork Looks Great!

There’s something both modern and rustic about brickwork in an area. Whether you want to make people feel industrial or vintage, you can add some brick tiles nearly anywhere to get that feeling. Adding brick tiles to fireplaces, feature walls, or as a backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms can add that extra texture to any room, and it just looks terrific whether you use the bricks in a small amount or in a coating for the entire wall.

You Can Customize Your Brick Tiles

Whether you want a modern brick tile look or rustic and reclaimed brick tiles, you have got options for the colors and styles that your bricks can look like. Brick tiles are cut off from regular-sized bricks, so if a regular brick wall can look a certain way, then so can your brick slips!

You can get traditional red bricks, grey bricks, white bricks, and various other colors. Additionally, you can get smooth textures or rough and worn bricks. So if you know that you want your room to have a certain style, you can very easily customize your brick tiles to look like what you want.

Brick Tiles Are Cost Effective And Save Space

Brick tiles are very easy to install and are also cost-effective, and you can get a lot of Brick slips online without spending a lot of money. While it is true that brick slips cost more than regular bricks when you break down the per brick cost, you won’t need to hire extra labor or extra transportation to bring heavy bricks to you.

Brick slips are much lighter, and it will take less time to get them out of the truck and to the job site, which is very good for you. Compare that to traditional bricks which will certainly give you a workout whenever they are moved, and create a very big mess as well!

Additionally, you can use brick tiles on nearly any existing wall because they don’t require a strong foundation, which will end up saving you some real money in the long run. Additionally, they save a lot of space, requiring only a fraction of the room and the setup time of a traditional brick wall. 

Brick Tiles Are Very Easy To Maintain

Finally, once the brick tiles are installed, you don’t need to worry about maintaining them, because you don’t need to apply a protective coating or need to worry about scuffing or damaging them. Plus, you can also paint them if that is what you are going for as well. In terms of keeping the brick tiles maintained, you just need to scrub them with some warm water and soap, or just give them a light dusting.

They will be good as new with just the smallest amount of care, or you can let them get a little dirty and run down if you like that look for your room. Whenever they need to be cleaned you won’t need anything more than some elbow grease to clean them up!

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Give Brick Slips A Try and You Won’t Go Back To Bricks!

 If you decide to experiment with brick slips the next time you have a home improvement project for your apartments for rent in waterbury ct, then you might ruin yourself on bricks forever! Brick slips give you all the customization options and the look of a static brick wall, all without the increased cost, preparation, and work that goes into it.

Give them a try and see how they can make your next home project even easier! Then you might never stop using them!

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