5 Easy Ways to Promote your Fitness Center on Social Media

Self-care is all the rage in the 2020 decade, and of course, fitness is among the pioneers of self-care. There’s nothing quite like sneaking in a workout pre-office or making sure you stop by in the evening so you can sweat out the workday’s stresses. 

From yoga to pilates to spin class to the traditional gym model, fitness centers today are more diverse than ever before – and the mounting competition means that you need to stand out if you’re going to beat such a tough crowd. That’s where marketing comes in – social media marketing, to be specific! 

And if you’re new to the world of social media marketing, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s how you can promote your fitness center on social media:

1. Get Instagram Posting! 

Instagram is the mecca of social media marketing, and creating a presence for your fitness center on the platform will do wonders! Start by making a profile – be sure to choose a username that’s short and catchy – and all the important details such as address and contact information in your bio. 

Once your profile is all set up, it’s time to think about content! Decide on a consistent posting schedule – three times a week is ideal – and create a social media branding strategy. The key to Instagram is in the visuals – you can either go down the design route yourself or hire a professional – just make sure that your visuals are stellar as they’ll be drawing in potential customers. 

If you take up design yourself then you can always explore online graphic design tools such as PosterMyWall that not only make the job easier but also more fun! All in all, your goal is to create an Instagram feed full of captivating visuals that are high on user engagement. 

2. Warm up to Influencers!

Social media – particularly Instagram and TikTok – is an influencer’s home, and it’s these very influencers that can take your fitness center to the top. Create customer segments and reach out to influencers that cater to each category, making sure to keep their location in mind – local influencers are more likely to convert local customers, and after all, no one’s going to travel two states over for a workout class. 

It’s important to make sure that your influencer partnerships are mutually beneficial – possible ideas include a discount code for their followers, free fitness services for the influencer in exchange for post and story mentions on their profile, and an option for them to join as your fitness center’s brand ambassador. Once your influencer partnership starts taking off, the customers will start rolling in by themselves! 

3. Create Stunning Flyers

There’s little else in the marketing world that matches the rank of a flyer. Not only does it have a wide dispersion rate with a controlled budget, but flyers also have the unique ability to hold all the right information while still being attractive. 

Design flyers advertising classes that you’re holding, any special deals or discounts that you’re offering, or even just as a reminder about your business. And if you’re worried about nailing the design aspect, then PosterMyWall’s fitness flyer templates have got you covered. With an easy-to-use interface and dozens of fully customizable templates, PosterMyWall’s flyer maker is the answer to all your flyer marketing needs – and it’s free of charge! 

Once your flyers are ready, simply share them on your social media pages such as your Instagram and Facebook profiles and watch as your users interact! 

4. TikTok Dances are your Best Friend 

A great way to promote your fitness center on social media is through TikTok! A platform known for its short, catchy videos, your next dancing post could very well be the one that makes your fitness center go viral! Get your fitness staff to participate in TikTok dances and challenges, and even create hashtags to make them trend. 

Of course, TikTok content can be diverse, and looking into content ideas it’s clear that you can do much more than just post dancing reels. Try a fitness explainer video or a sneak peak to the behind-the-scenes action, and you’ll soon see how your engagement increases. 

And if you want your TikTok content to gain more traction, then a great starting idea is to repost it on Instagram, helping your TikTok account get more exposure. 

5. Do your SEO and #Hashtag Research 

While visuals rule the game when it comes to social media marketing, they’re really of little use if not paired up with the right caption and hashtags. Conduct keyword research using online tools such as SEMrush and SEO power suite and make sure to post all of your social media posts with SEO-optimized captions. 

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And of course, don’t forget about the hashtags as the right ones are what can help your content trend like never before – some of the best hashtag tools include TagsFinder and MetaHashtags. The trick to hashtags is to not overwhelm the audience by including too many, instead, divide and utilize! 

So, if you’re looking to promote your fitness center on social media, then these tips and tricks are just what you need! Just be sure to bring your own creativity and to help your fitness brand shine through in your content!

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