Advantages of Digital Business Cards

Digital business card has several advantages over paper business cards. The first is cost-effectiveness. There is no need to redesign your card and print a new copy. In addition, you won’t have to fill your wallet or briefcase with too many cards. Secondly, digital cards are environmentally friendly. You’ll avoid the waste created by printing and sending out paper business cards that will likely be discarded after a week.


Itzme offers a cost-effective virtual business card solution that also includes email, CRM, and on-demand customizations. However, the software lacks modern UI and analytics. Although it offers a functional digital business card, Itzme is difficult to recommend, particularly when compared to the competition.

Unlike the traditional business card, a digital version does not require printing and design. This makes the card more environmentally friendly and is lighter on your wallet. Digital cards also make it easier for your professional network to get in touch with you. You can easily add a digital copy to your phone book, send it through email, or share it through any medium.

Another great feature of a digital business card is the ability to easily update contact information. A paper business card is frequently lost or misplaced, so a digital version makes it easier to find and update contact information. Moreover, a digital version doesn’t take up physical space and allows you to change it at any time. Furthermore, a digital card can be easily shared, as the contact information is updated automatically.

Aside from email, digital business cards can also be exchanged with QR codes or Bluetooth technology. With these technologies, you can be sure that your customers will see your business details when they interact with your e-cards. Furthermore, many of the apps allow you to exchange contact details with the person you’re interacting with, making it easy for you to build up your clientele.

Makes lasting impression

Digital e-business card make an impact on people you meet and give you a lasting impression. Compared to a traditional card, they can provide detailed information, clear message, and interactive elements. The result is that audiences are left impressed and eager to learn more. These digital cards can also be enhanced with illustrations and vibrant colors, making them unique and eye-catching.

Some creative digital business cards use video to make an impression. A short video can introduce your business, display your work, and show testimonials. It can be created using video creation services like Fiverr or Animoto. Another option is to include icons for social media profiles. A social media icon embedded in your digital business card can promote your presence on these platforms.

Digital business cards have more space than paper cards. They can showcase a wider range of work, including a self-portrait. They can also be inexpensive. However, they may not be ideal for all types of client bases. If your target market is predominantly online, a paper business card might not be the best option.

Sense of touch

A digital visiting card lacks the tactile effects of a print card. The printed business card has a physical presence that is tied to memory. It is not possible to replicate this experience with digital products. Paper cards are also easier to hand out. In addition, they can be easily left in an email inbox. Whether you choose to use a print or a digital business card, you must choose a reputable company when making your purchase.


You can also create e-visiting card using specialized apps or platforms. These apps will allow you to create and store a digital card without any special skills. However, be aware that many of these apps are limited and require you to subscribe. Always check the compatibility before deciding on a particular app.

A digital business card can also be shared via messengers or social networks. Digital business cards can also be viewed via a QR code that can take a user to a map of a business’ location. In addition to this, you can easily edit your contact information and update it anytime you need to.

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