Benefits of Choosing Amity University Dubai for Further Education?

Benefits of Choosing Amity University Dubai for Further Education?

Why Amity University Dubai

Amity University in Dubai represents and facilitates an ambitious world of true creativity, educational journeys and a futuristic approach. This is a great educational opportunity to see what your time on Amity Dubai will look like if you choose to study on campus in Dubai.

  1. Quality education leads to a solid qualification that employers believe in
  2. Perfect environment on a specially built campus on the campus of Dubai University
  3. Career opportunities after graduation with some leading Dubai employers

Founded 25 years ago, today it is the world’s leading study group offering campuses across the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia, and is celebrated with plans for future expansion. Ensuring the best education is a responsibility that involves the clear, intellectual, behavioral, and best development of every child who is connected to it and eagerly awaits change for the better. ‘comes with uliyat.

Striving for excellence in what they offer nationally and internationally has been one of their primary responsibilities, and encouraging creativity and innovation in students has always been Amity’s top priority.

Historical Approach

The Amity Educational Group began its journey in 2005 through the Amity University Uttar Pradesh Act 2005 and has been a comprehensive institution offering good academic programs in both traditional and distance learning modes. Amiti University, formerly opened by Dr. Ashok Chauhan, founder of the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, was the first private institute in India to exercise caste-based education reserves; for students and professors.

History has shown that if you bring up a man, you bring up an individual, but if you bring up a woman, you bring up a nation. Raising women has always resulted in the self-esteem and confidence that the world demands. Amiti University has the right to education for every child here and the opportunities associated with it. Expanding women’s opportunities has always been associated with Amity.

Given that women make up about 60 percent of the world’s population, they must retain every part of their equal education rights as men. It is at Amity University that women are encouraged to take a positive approach to education, with each girl entering the institute receiving a 10% mandatory stipend.

This has so far been one of Amity’s active contributions to making society a better place to live. Women are also part of some important decisions, and their participation in Amity is crucial, especially in the development of education policy. .It is the collective effort of its founders, faculties and students to change society and create equal and better opportunities beyond gender, caste, faith and religion.

Amity University Dubai Campus was founded in 2010 in Dubai and has gained great popularity among local students and international students. It is the most modern, fully inclusive, purpose-built campus in Dubai Academic City, and is the center for international university campuses in Dubai that provide high quality education for ambitious international students.

Amity Online Degrees

Amity online degrees and courses allow local and international students to study abroad in a comfortable environment at home. Students are being offered more undergraduate and graduate degrees through distance learning and online learning.

Amity University Dubai‘s online degrees and courses are ideal for people who cannot attend full-day courses. some people are unable to attend live lectures due to busy work, home or family responsibilities, or because of Covid19 blocking. Apply to one of the Amity online programs now. 

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