Car Wash With Touchless Technology Positive Or Negative

As your vehicle starts to accumulate dust and dirt, as well as bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants It is important to remove these contaminants earlier rather than later.

While many people clean their cars to enhance the appearance and shine of their vehicle A clean and well-maintained car promotes longevity and helps it keep its road presence for longer.

Automated Car Washes

Let’s say that earlier in the day, the vehicle was filthy after it was driven through, and the mats that are wet have grease or worse sharp objectstuck inside the mats. These contaminants are now dumped into your vehicle repeatedly and over.

Automated car washes are incredibly efficient in comparison to hand washing your car and, in truth certain car owners do not mind that their car gets scratched during the process.

You’re not one of those people.

Touchless Autonomous Car Washes

The brush of the automated vehicle caused so many issues it was obvious that better solutions was shortly to come to.

The Good

It is obvious that the main benefit is the notion of getting away from the hard mats and wet brushes.

Utilizing high pressure water and touchless car washes are more likely benefit from better soap properties to help lift dirt and grime with greater efficiency.

By taking off these soft waxes during the very beginning of washing and removing any dirt that might have gotten stuck to the layer of soft.

Modern car washes they have begun to focus on recycling water and recirculation. This is achieved by using massive filtration systems that capture the water being used and then separate dirt grease, grime or oils and other contaminant.

These are the most common touchscreen systems because of the huge amounts of water that are used and could be considered an environmentally friendly approach to effortssince they’re not just washing substances and pollutants away as water.

Water’s accessibility is certainly an benefit. The pressure of water allows water to penetrate into every crevice and crevice throughout your vehicle including the corners of each piece of trim to the bottom of your. These areas can be overlooked using a traditional mat or brush because they’re unable to go deep into the small spaces.

We cannot talk about any automated washing machine without adding time taken to wash on hand washing into the list of desirable qualities, because washing your car by hand can be very long and time-consuming.

The Bad

If you’re avoiding rough brushes and mats that are slapping on your vehicle or truck the pressure of water is a risk that has its own risk.

Anyone who’s sat in the vehicle that has been via a wash that is touchless could be a witness to the extreme pressure that is put on the vehicle using some touchless systems that use about 2200 psi pressure. As a comparison, a correctly functioning garden hose will have between 40 and 60 psi water pressure.

The high pressures can pose the risk of embedding the surface contaminants deeper into the paint or, even more damagingly pressing them further into the side of your vehicle. This can cause scratches. While scratch repair is possible but it’s also cost-intensive and takes up time.

Touchless car washes can also be recognized for not cleaning the vehicle sufficiently. Although the thought of blowing all dust off your car seems appealing but the truth is that often a bit more force is required during the process of washing. This becomes apparent when you use the Microfiber cloth and clean an area of your vehicle to discover that a significant amount of fine dust is left on the vehicle.

If you use a touchless system it is possible for the water to splash all over the place, prompting cautious use of various soaps. This has led to many automated car washes to make use of an all-purpose soap designed for glass, paint and tires. and even underbody.

These soaps can not be appropriate for specific regions, and it’s crucial to make sure the brake dust is removed from your tires to prevent damage. Special products like glasses cleaners as well as tires shine gel coatings are required to be added later on.

How to Get the Most From Touchless Car Washes

There’s no better way to wash your car, you might have trouble finding enough time in the day. In this case, automatic car washing is the most efficient option.

To maximize the benefits of a car wash that is touchless It is essential to maintain the paint prior to the timeyou require the wash. This means, at the time of need that your vehicle will be coated with either ceramic or wax coatings and taking advantage of coatings that are spray-on between washes.

These coatings don’t just give you a an even more polished and more reflective finish, but they also they also protect your paint from the UV and frontal contamination.

Coatings for deep application like polish, wax or ceramics, create an invisible that separates your painted and dirt. The coatings shield your car from scratches, and also create smoother surfaces.

After these coatings for deep application apply, these spray coatings create a soft , top layer that can be easily removed by washing. The spray-on coatings are also able to be applied to any surface to provide an extra layer of protection.

For instance If you are certain that you will be using a touchless automatic car wash, then you could opt to have your car coated with ceramic. With your car coated, it’s less likely to suffer the damage that a car wash can cause.

After your car is cleaned and dried, you can take the time to cover your car with a spray-on ceramic coating that helps to remove any dirt that was missed, and creates a fresh top coat protection layer. This means that the following time that you clean your vehicle you’ll have a second layer of protection for your vehicle. This coating could be applied to the same spot to create the appearance of a mirror.

Since dirt and grime are less likely to adhere to the car’s paint it will take less force required to lift the dirt off your vehicle for more effective results, and less risk when your car is cleaned.


Although there isn’t any better way to wash your vehicle in the correct manner Many people find themselves waiting in line for automated car washes.

If you’re looking to choose one of these two alternatives, a touchless system is less likely to harm your car than an automated car wash, and the possibilities of coatings for protecting the paint providing an additional layer of security.

Do touchless washes work or are they bad? They run the chance of damaging your car However, a clean car is always more efficient than one that is filthy particularly with the acidity of many pollutants which could make their way to your car and cause auto-washing to fail -but not too often.


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