Best anime torrent sites [2022]

Anime has a huge fan base all across the world and this fan base includes all sorts of people and all sorts of age groups. There are many streaming sites online which allow its users to watch any anime they want to free of cost, but it is observed that most of the people like to download content and then watch it. 

It is somehow more convenient to download anime and watch it later on whenever you want to. And this is why people are looking for top torrenting websites which could provide the users with the anime they want and let them download it as well. 

In this blog, we are going to tell our users about some of the best torrent sites which will let the users download their favourite anime this way the users do not even need to spend their time looking for the sites which could help them to access anime. 

So, let us begin to know about the anime torrent sites which are popular and will let you download high-quality anime content which you want. 

Best anime torrent sites for the users – 


There is no need to introduce this site as it is already very much popular among users and has a reputable position all across the world. The website has a separate section for anime for the users which makes it a reliable site for the users to download anime content via torrent. The site has an interface which is khaki in colour and which is also an easy site to navigate through. 

  1. Anime ToSho 

The site has a decent collection of anime content which is accessible to all the users who want to access it. There are several categories which are there on this site under which the anime is distributed. The users can also get dubbed content on this site and the amazing features of this site make them quite popular, resulting in 1 million monthly visitors. 

  1. 9 Anime 

Just like its name you can speculate that the site is solely dedicated to anime content. It is a modern looking site which has a straight forward as well as an easy interface which comes up with a black coloured theme. The site has over 34 million visitors monthly and if you want to then you can become one of the visitors who visit this site. 

  1. Ani Rena 

It is an arena of good and high quality content of anime which is available in many genres. This torrent website has a user friendly interface which mainly focuses on the providing the regular anime content for the users. The website has various sections like drama, anime, RAW, manga music, AMV and many other such sections. The users do not even need to register themselves on this site to access the anime content. 

  1. Horrible subs 

Horrible subs is one of the best anime sites which is available on internet and this site has best list of anime which the users love to watch. The simplicity of this site is the best part of it, the home page of the site is not a fancy one but it is promising enough to provide best anime content for you. There are around 11 million of visitors per month on this site also, it does not restrict the users to have a registered account for the users. 

  1. Anime torrents

This is a straightforward site with a straightforward interface which has a massive collection of Japanese Anime and that too the anime is available in many formats like DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-ray and HD (720p/ 1080p) in which the users can download anime content which they want to. The torrent does not require any registration for the users so that the users can download any of the content they want to.
Mangastream Alternatives:

Mangastream alternatives is a web-based scanlation manga comic data set where anybody can peruse Japanese comics with next to no extra charges. It is free to help comics sweethearts. MangaStream has been around for very nearly 10 years with a promising history of giving top-notch manga comics to free.

There are several other sites like Ani Dex, Anime layer, Anime ultima, Tor lock, Shana project, Baka BT, etc which the users can use to access Anime content. Also, the users can also check the website webfrenz which the users can use to know more about such anime sites and more information related to it.

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