What is an immersive experience?

Everybody has been to a museum once or twice in their lifetime, whether a history or a science museum, each is usually structured alike. The audience will walk around each exhibit and look at objects or pieces of work. This experience has been like this for as long as museums have been around and haven’t changed much until now. In the technological age, a new wave has come with the design of fully immersive experiences. They are designed to draw the audience in and make them feel like they are a part of the event, giving them a whole new opportunity to gain new perspectives.

1. How can you create an immersive experience for your customers or guests?

If the goal is to create a fully immersive experience, there are a few main areas to focus on heavily. One is what kind of experience you are trying to achieve with your audience. If the goal is to draw them to a different place, then small details that the guest can interact with are the best ways to draw them in. Give the audience visuals to help draw them in and the ability to interact with the pieces to create a sense of wanting to experience more. The next most significant thing is to tell a story, such as with the immersive Van Gogh experience where audiences get to walk through the work and lifetime of the famed artist Vincent Van Gogh. This is a different type of experience than just looking at the paintings themselves, one that the audience will remember incredibly.

(Immersive projection mapping done along an alleyway adding to an overall experience of a social gathering. Credit: Lumen and Forge)
(Immersive projection mapping done along an alleyway adding to an overall experience of a social gathering. Credit: Lumen and Forge)

2. What industries are using immersive experiences to engage their audiences?

Industry leading giants have started to prefer creating experiences for their audiences rather than expensive marketing campaigns. These experiences can reach a wide range of audiences and give them lasting memories that they once might not have ever gotten. Samsung partnered with Six Flags to create an unforgettable experience for its audience by creating an entire virtual reality world to accompany a preexisting ride. The occupants wore headsets fasted to them that would play a video traveling through the stars and avoiding crashes while the ride was going.

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 Immersive experiences are all around us, and they’re becoming more popular as technology advances. -An immersive experience is one that fully engages all of the senses. It transports people away from their everyday lives and into another world. This can be done through virtual reality, augmented reality, or even just good old-fashioned storytelling. Many industries are already using immersive experiences to great effect. This effect is very helpful to complete work in the less time. Theme parks have been using them for years, but now hotels, restaurants, museums, and even for marketing campaigns, businesses are using immersive experiences to engage their customers and guests. We hope this article will guide you on immersive experience.

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