How a Website Redesign Service Can Benefit Your Business

In addition to designing your website, a website redesign service can also help you manage the website’s SEO. Many designers do not have SEO expertise, so hiring a marketing agency is probably a safer bet. Website architecture is critical, including content planning and sitemap planning, so that search engines can crawl your website efficiently. There are hundreds of content management systems to choose from, but one of the best options is WordPress. WordPress is functional, adaptable, and easy to use.

Identifying gaps in website infrastructure

Identifying gaps in website infrastructure is essential if you want to increase the number of visitors and boost sales. Gap analysis is the process of identifying and prioritizing the tasks that need to be completed. The gap analysis report should include the findings of each process area. It should also include a graphical representation of the business’s performance in comparison to the industry standard. The report should include an appendix with an alphabetical list of the key findings and recommendations. Any supplementary information can also be included in this section.

Once the gap analysis is complete, the report should describe possible solutions for the gaps identified. These solutions should match the gap description. They may include new technologies that can be used to enhance the existing technology or upgrade it to a higher standard. However, businesses should consider whether the solution will disrupt their normal operations. Ultimately, this report should be based on specific objectives and goals. Once the gap analysis report is completed, the next step is to determine what solutions will best meet the objectives of the business.


Wireframes for website redesign are useful for planning the layout, interaction, and user interface of your site. They can eliminate distracting elements and help you visualize the entire site, from buttons to call to action. Using a wireframe tool makes this process much easier because it lets you save styles and objects and transition to other design software without the need for a developer to make changes to the site. Here are some tips to make wireframes work for you.

Wireframes are important design materials that help you understand how the site will look. They include user flows, user personas, mental models, and a general map of information architecture. Although they may seem pointless, these models can provide valuable insights about the layout of your site, as well as help you decide where to put important content. To begin with, wireframes should include every possible page template and module.

Usability testing

If you are planning to redevelop your website, you should consider using usability testing services. It is important to note that the cost of fixing errors that arise after a website is developed is 100 times higher than it is to fix them before. Usability testing is an inexpensive way to discover usability issues before they become major problems. Several basic metrics are used to measure usability: satisfaction, efficiency, and errors. User-friendliness measures the ease with which visitors can complete tasks on your website. If the website is not usable, your visitors will simply move on to the next site they find.

A usability test should be carried out in a suitable environment. In addition to interviewing participants, it should also include observations and noticing mistakes made by users. A recording of the sessions should be conducted to count the number of times users are confused or frustrated. During the test, users should be asked to think aloud and describe their feelings. This helps the designer verify their mental models. The testers’ feedback is crucial to achieving a better website.

Bringing cross-functional teams onboard

Bringing cross-functional teams onboard your website redesign service can benefit your company in several ways. For starters, these professionals bring valuable insight to the redesign process. Their everyday interactions with customers can provide great insight into the needs and wants of your customers. Sales and success representatives are often the most effective sources for data relating to drivers, barriers, and user personas. They can also provide valuable metrics to measure success.

A cross-functional team can also help a company break down organizational silos. They can effectively collaborate across functional boundaries, reducing the time it takes to complete a project. Having the right people on board is important, as well as establishing a hierarchy and defining important roles for each member. In the end, the results will all be aimed at achieving the same goal. Before bringing cross-functional teams onboard your website redesign service, it is a good idea to outline a clear path for communication and cooperation between the different departments.

Monitoring results

After a website redesign service completes its work, you need to monitor the results to determine whether your investment was successful. The most effective way to monitor the results of your redesign is to track your traffic growth and conversion rates. You can do this by looking at Google Analytics and comparing the current data to historical data. This way, you’ll know whether your redesign has increased traffic or caused your traffic to decrease. In addition, you can monitor your website’s performance over time to see if your conversion rates are up or down.


The first thing to check is the conversion rate. This metric is above all others, and should be set up front. Know how many visitors turn into qualified leads and how many bounce. Also, set expectations up front. Decide on your ideal conversion rate, such as % of Visitors vs. % of Qualified Leads. Having a goal to work toward and a clear vision to measure success will help everyone involved evaluate your website redesign.

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