Wakeboards & Equipment Storage: 3 Ways with Tips

It is not only the board but also the binding that requires proper storage. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Both should be stored as dry as possible. Then you are already on the safe side. Vests do not need extra treatment.

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It is important that you find a room where you can be sure of storage. long distance longboard the storage is always individual and often depends on the circumstances. So the wakeboard with equipment can also be stored in the attic. If it doesn’t get too hot or too humid there.

Storing wakeboards correctly: The 3 possibilities

Not so easy to keep track of wakeboard storage. But you can help yourself with a few tricks. Just look for a dry and free place in the room. Gladly also in the basement.

However, it must not be too cold there. You should also bring a few manual skills with you when storing it properly. Because not infrequently you have to screw the brackets to the wall. The matching screws and dowels are usually included in the scope of delivery.

1. Store wakeboards in the boardbag

Storing the wakeboard does not pose any particular dangers. You can compare it to any other piece of sports equipment. The better the packaging, the better your wakeboard is protected. There are matching bags to buy.

So you can also put it on the floor. You can get the right bags for a reasonable price. Of course, you can compare first. This makes a lot of things easier for you. Of course, the bags can also be used for other things. Handling is important. As with your equipment, you should also have a good feeling with the bag.

2. Store wakeboard with wakeboard wall mount

As you know it is so far from the bicycles, you can also do this with wakeboarding. Simply purchase one of the many postures. The accessories are already available for little money and will make your work easier.

The brackets are absolutely stable and of good quality. Of course, there are also different manufacturers. Maybe you already have a snowboard? You can also store your wakeboard in such a holder. So you don’t have to spend extra money.

The good thing here is that different materials are offered. Ideal for design lovers. So you can also rely on stylish wood if the cool metal is not good for you.

3. Lash wakeboard with belt system to the ceiling or wall

The mounts for the wakeboard are different. It also always depends on the desired quality. With many mounts, you can mount the wakeboard vertically as well as horizontally. Then, however, there is the possibility of a rope or belt system.

The advantage of a belt system is obvious. You don’t have to think about a fixed assembly first. The belt system can be quickly combined with your wakeboard. As with other belt systems, you only have to think about tying. The loops are usually adjustable. This makes handling immensely easier.

Should you store a wakeboard indoors or outdoors?

Storage always depends heavily on temperatures. You can also store your wakeboard in the conservatory at a not too low temperature. The only important thing is that you protect it from moisture. Because this can cause the greatest damage.

If you store your wakeboard and accessories outside, they cannot be protected from theft. You should therefore always keep it indoors.

What makes a good storage location for a wakeboard?

Good storage locations should not be a problem for you. Probably the best place is still in the apartment or in the house. Simply where you spend more time. Then you always have your wakeboard in view. If there is a lack of space, simply hang it on the wall.

The wall mount is designed so that you can also hang several things next to each other. No matter if it is the wakeboard or the equipment.

Prepare a wakeboard for wintering

If you use a wakeboard bag, you have to be careful. Because usually the edges are not protected. It is then best to use pipe insulation. The foam sheaths can give your wakeboard the necessary shock resistance.

If you don’t have foam sheaths available, it’s best to use newsprint. Simply what can cushion the impact. In general, however, you should be careful that the wakeboard does not fall to the ground.

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Spring cleaning: Making wakeboards ready for use again

The next season is not long in coming. Before you get back on the water, you should take a few precautions. Examine the wakeboard for possible damage. Especially the edges are very sensitive to shocks and blows.

Apart from that, there are also cleaners that you can use for wakeboard care. You can’t go wrong with these special cleaners. The good thing is that you can use the care product for all boards.

Even if it’s a snowboard. Many of the remedies are also biodegradable. So you can courageously clean and care.

Storing wakeboard equipment: How to do it right

Proper storage always depends on the material as well as the equipment. And so each accessory has its characteristics and peculiarities that you should pay attention to. Apart from that, it often depends on the storage aids.

Because these can make the difference. Even hooks can therefore do a good job with the right storage. Just choose what’s best for you. You can also store larger things with hooks and Co.

So this is also possible with kayaks. So perfect if you have a slightly heavier wakeboard.

Helmet: Helmets can be easily stowed away. You just put them in a bag and you’re done. It is best to write what is in it. So you can quickly find the helmet again in spring.

The helmets can be of different sizes. This can lead to slight difficulties with packaging. Therefore, make sure that the bag or bag is large enough.

Wetsuit: The suit is often underestimated. In general, best beginner longboards you don’t have to pay too much attention when storing a wetsuit. The suits can be washed comfortably and can then be used again if necessary.

It is best to simply fold and store it in the wardrobe. You should definitely avoid storage on hooks or the like with a wetsuit. Because this makes it easier to crack or damage the suit.

What other obstacles are there to storage?

It is important that you do not allow fungi or bacteria. The same applies to mold. Even if it happens rather rarely, you should not leave anything to chance. It is best to check the right thing regularly and you can survive the winter season without danger.

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the weight of your accessories or wakeboards. Because some brackets are only approved up to a certain weight. An overload can cause a break or fall from your wakeboard and accessories.


Whether on the wall or on the shelf, wakeboard and Co. must be stored correctly. Otherwise, damage to the wakeboard and the rest of the equipment can be the result. With a few simple steps, however, you can bring order to your equipment and, above all, safely through the winter.

You can break a lot with the wrong storage. And also the insurance companies do not pay for negligent storage. With many storage options, there is a manual with this. So you will quickly get a good start into the safe storage of your wakeboard and accessories.

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