Wakeboard equipment for beginners

Without the right equipment, you can’t cut a good figure on the water.

It starts with the right wakeboard.

It just has to fit you and your knowledge.

As a beginner, you should not immediately put yourself on a professional board.

There is the right board for every wakeboard rider. The more precisely you inform yourself about it, the safer you are on the water. snowboard knee pads if the mobile base is right, it goes to the clothes. Your wakeboard clothing is called a wetsuit.

It keeps cold water away from your body. In addition, there is a protective vest and helmet. How everything fits together and is used best, you will now learn:

What do wakeboard beginners need for equipment?

As a beginner, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of data. It’s about size and length and much more. Not so easy to get an overall overview. There are enough tables that can help you decide.

In no time at all, you will find the dimensions that match your knowledge. It all depends on your body weight. The heavier you are, the more space you need on the wakeboard.

However, size does not always mean equally expensive. But if you have grown tall, you need a short wakeboard.

In principle, attention should be paid to women’s and men’s equipment. Because in women there are different measurements and weight units. The same goes for children. Therefore, if you have a family, you have to check the measurements and units more closely.

Many beginner wakeboards are already available for little money. This has a great advantage. So you can practice in peace. However, the wakeboards should not be too cheap. Finally, good workmanship is also important in terms of driving characteristics.

But you have to know that a wakeboard alone is not enough. It still needs the right pulling ropes with a bracket. As a rule, you have to buy these additionally.

So the costs quickly amount to 300-500 euros. For comparison. For a professional board, you pay an average of 500-700 euros. From a price point of view, you are not so far away from the professional equipment at the beginning.

But can you save money?

It is best to opt for a wakeboard or equipment from the previous year. The last season also has many interesting and beautiful-looking wakeboards and accessories to offer. So you don’t have to make any compromises.

How long can you have fun with beginner equipment?

Having fun is always possible. But you don’t have to cut corners. Especially not if you expect a little more performance. So most of the equipment is also made for professionals. At least when it comes to durability.

Many of the equipment has been tested several times. So you can’t even take risks. If you maintain your wakeboard, you can also ride with a beginner wakeboard for many years.

The wear behavior of your wakeboard also depends a lot on the inserts on the water. The more often you ride, the faster the wakeboard breaks.

The first wakeboard

The day has come and the first wakeboard is within reach. But the water is not within reach? So what can you do? It is best to check the board for completeness first.

You can then also do a few dry exercises from home. What about your balance and how stable are you on the wakeboard? These are only small things, but should not be underestimated.

In the beginning, you should not expect too much. Because every beginning is difficult. Maybe there is a surf school in the area? So much the better. Because then you can pack your wakeboard with equipment and go there. There they will show you how your wakeboard looks really good on your feet.

On-site you have to decide between cable and boat. But both are not so easy. This is not about lighter or heavier. Just choose what you like.

However, you have several hours to practice at the lift. This will simply show you more variants at the beginning and bind you to the sport in the long term.

Goofy or Regular

Now it’s going to be exciting. Are you now safer with your right foot or with your left foot on the wakeboard? Because that decides what you are called. With the right you are called Goofy.

At Regular you belong to the left-footed. The names should only give you one direction. But have little influence on your talent or your tricks on the wakeboard.

If the binding is still symmetrically present, all the better. Because so you can also pass the anti-slip test.

With all the euphoria, you shouldn’t forget to buckle up now. Then you should dip the wakeboard and the binding into the water. It is also advisable if you now take some environmentally friendly liquid soap with you.

Basically, the following applies: When boating, you make yourself as small as possible. At the lift you have the possibility to start standing or sitting.

Nothing works without the right wakeboard accessories

You have it in your own hands. But you don’t have to choose any equipment right away. You can even choose it by color. Because the appearance also counts when wakeboarding.

So you can look really chic even with the maximum safety equipment. But what accessories are there actually?

Leash: Without the leash you can not be pulled. It is available in different lengths. They do not have to be acquired for a lot of money. And also with the colors you have almost free choice. The more colorful the leash, the better. Because then you can also be found more easily in the water. Ideal if you lose the leash.

Helmet: Wakeboard helmets are similar to other helmets. However, they should be easily adjustable. They are usually offered in standard colours such as grey or white. Not infrequently, there is still a lettering of the brands on top. There are many cheap helmets. Most helmets are available for well under 100 euros.

Carrier bags: Often underestimated and yet important. After all, you should always be able to transport your wakeboard and the right accessories correctly. The bags are sturdy and easy to store. So you can also go on trips with it.

Impact protection vest: It can save your life in case of heavy falls. But it also keeps you afloat at the same time. So you have a much greater chance of survival. The vest is worn by beginners as well as professionals. A side zipper makes it easier for you to put on and take off again. Despite the protection, the vests are always flexible and mobile. So you are not restricted in your movements.

Binding: In general, you are offered one-size-fits-all sizes. This also makes the search much easier for you. However, there are also intermediate sizes. It is best to compare the sizes with each other. If the ankle pads are also soft, all the better. Because this allows an optimal and comfortable foot position. After all, you should not only feel safe, but also comfortable.

Complete set: If you have no idea or are demanding, no problem. Just opt for a complete set. Since you get everything to the wakeboard start offered. Usually even at a cheaper price.


As a beginner, are you pulled right behind a boat?

It always depends on what suits you best. Most wakeboarders opt for the better option. The one at the wakeboard facility. Because it has significantly more advantages.

At least you’re not tied to a boater to pull you around. For practicing and as a beginner, the latter variant is therefore suitable.

What is the perfect wakeboard length for beginners?

The brevity makes the spice. knee pads for flooring at least if you are slim and tall. The more weight you bring, the more wakeboard you need. Do you have your weight at hand right now? Because the weight can make your purchase decision easier.

Simply compare your own weight with the length of the wakeboard and you’re done. Ready-made tables give you a good overview.

How expensive can beginner wakeboards be?

Beginner wakeboards would be the wrong name. You can use almost any wakeboard. Much more important is how you feel about it. But the easiest way to learn it is with a beginner wakeboard. Although these are simpler, they give you a first and usually consistently positive impression. As a rule, prices start at 200 euros. There are hardly any limits to the top.

How important is flex also called flexibility for beginners?

Basically, a distinction is made between three categories. Either there is no Flex or the Zones Flex. Last but not least, the full flex. And this is where the differences become clear. Beginner wakeboards do not have flex.

You should know flex wakeboards are for ramps as born. If you are sure, you can also opt for a flex wakeboard. With a beginner wakeboard, you can have at least as much fun on the water even with a rigid wakeboard.

It’s always a question of alignment and consideration. In addition, wakeboards with Flex are significantly more expensive to buy.

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